Ways to Managing Multi Companies in Odoo 15

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Ways to Managing Multi Companies in Odoo 15
Konsultoo Software Consulting PVT. LTD, Nitesh Macwan

One of the most difficult tasks for industrialists today is to manage multiple companies with a single operating system. With Odoo ERP software, it gets easier to manage multi-companies.

With Odoo 15, you can easily keep an eye on the management of multiple companies at a time and change the entire process of the companies as per your requirements. This will help carry out your business operations smoothly.

In this blog, we will share the complete process of managing multi companies in the Odoo 15 version.

Go to the Settings dashboard of Odoo 15 to get the company details. After choosing the companies menu from the User and Companies tab, you can view all the created companies in the window. Moreover, you can see the details like Company name, Phone number, and Email ID, in the Kanban view as shown in the screenshot given below.

You can create a new company using the Create icon. In addition, you are allowed to form a new parent company or choose from the companies that have already been created as shown in the screenshot given below.

Once you create the company you can view it in the Company tab. It is easy to select the company you want to run its operations in the Odoo system. You are allowed to select multiple companies that will be activated in Odoo 15 as shown in the image given below.

My Company tab includes the companies that are called the allowed companies and the rest you can find in the check box are considered active companies for you. A company that is separated is your current company.

When you create a new user, it gets much easier to handle multiple companies in Odoo 15. Go to the Users menu in User & Companies and click on the Create icon. Then after, enter the user's name and Email ID in the window. The Access Rights tab activates the Multi Companies option to give you access to different companies. You can easily spot a Multi Companies field inside the Access Rights tab once you save the user's information as shown below.

Financial Reporting

When your financial reports are under the watch of accountants you can fetch the figures from various companies. Go to the Accounting module dashboard. Click on the Reporting tab and choose General transactions from the company you selected as demonstrated in the screenshot below.

In order to aggregate journals from two various companies, you need to choose the companies from the Company field as shown in the screenshot given below.

As soon as you select the companies, the data of these companies are automatically activated in General Ledger. Click on the Journal option to apply filters. After that, you can view the records of both companies inside it.

Sales Analysis

It has become much easier to analyze the company's sales report with Odoo 15 Sales module. Choose the Sales menu from the Reporting tab. Furthermore, users can easily view figures and statistics in the graphic mode from the companies selected in the database as displayed in the screenshot given below.

Product Configuration

After creating a new product, you can get specific details about a company. Choose the Products menu from the Products section. Enter the product name in the specified field. Click on the Accounting tab to select the Income Account as Product Sales. Make sure that My Company should be chosen in the Odoo database.

When you select another company, you will find the Receivables different for the same product. If the same product is sold by various companies, the reports of the receivables are recorded individually. As a result, you have to apply for a receivable account separately from both companies. You can easily handle companies and Inter-company Transactions from the General Settings tab.

Click on Manage Companies to view Multi companies. Moreover, by activating Inter-Company Transactions, you can easily create counterpart documents for orders/invoices.

On the whole, one can easily manage Multi companies with the help of the Odoo 15 version. With the Multi companies in the Odoo 15, you can make the analysis of sales, financial reports, and product configurations. 

Ways to Managing Multi Companies in Odoo 15
Konsultoo Software Consulting PVT. LTD, Nitesh Macwan May 11, 2022
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