Retail Supply Chain Software: Deets Inside

Retail supply chain software includes the features that automate the entire supply chain processes by providing a single platform for data  analysis, which improves decision making, thereby enhancing the company's growth.

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Points to Discuss

- Challenges for Retail Industry

- How to Overcome those challenges?

Retailing is the method of selling goods and services to end customers by companies or individuals. For example, manufacturing companies deliver goods to retailers, and further, the retailers sell these products in shops or customers through various online platforms.   

Retail supply chain software aims at streamlining the supply chain management by setting up a forum from where you can easily get the data of products, supply chain operations, and trading partners.    

We can’t turn a blind eye to the contribution of retail industry to the global economy. Over half the world rely upon the retail sectors to fuel the economy. The slightest negligence in the retail supply chain can disturb every department involved in the process because the retail supply chain management consists of a variety of processes, which are connected to one another and play their parts effectively to deliver the products to the customers. 

Odoo is open-source ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software consisting of various types of modules. Odoo has an efficient supply chain tool for retailers that ensures a huge success for retail business. It offers the best supply chain management solutions.


Challenges for Retail Industry   

The retail supply chain has to be prepared all the time for future challenges. Retailers have to keep evolving to satisfy the changing needs of end-consumers, maintaining the product’s cost and quality. In addition, retailers need to be actively involved in the supply chain operations to ensure that the products are faultless and get delivered to customers on time at the right destination.    

There are many hurdles for the retailers on the global stage because different countries have set up different laws for tariff and trade, often enforcing them to change their strategies to deal with the situation . Moreover, the rivalry between the two countries also affects the supply chain.    


Trade and tariff war between the United States and China is the latest example in front of us, and still, there is no breakthrough despite a series of  high-level talks between the trade ministers from both countries . Here, we have listed a few challenges the retail supply chain is facing right now.

* Maintaining Profit Margin   

* Fulfilling Customer’s demands   

* Lacking  Operational Efficiency   

* Quality & Compliance   

* Changing Customer Requirements   

* Distribution Complexities   

* International Disputes


Retailers and suppliers have a lot of pressure to deliver the products to the target destinations as faster as possible. The prime reason behind the rising pressure on suppliers is the increasing competition in the retail market. To remain successful, retailers must need to evolve themselves with the changing landscape.

So here, we have given a few tips to overcome supply chain challenges successfully.

How Can Retailers Overcome Supply Chain Challenges?

Deploy Cloud-Based Software
Build Harmonious Relationship with Suppliers
Discuss with Your Customers
Reconsider Distribution Channels

Deploy Cloud-Based Software

It is hard to read the customer’s mind as their requirements can change at any time, making it very difficult for retailers to respond to such unpredictable situations. Moreover, retailers find themselves in a complicated condition when it comes to striking a balance between customer’s changing buying behavior and complex supply chain.     

With cloud-based software, it becomes much easier to track inventory activities and know the perfect prediction about product demand among the customers. Odoo is a cloud-based software providing real-time data about inventory, customer changing mindset, and product demand forecasting as well. It can easily meet customer demand. 

Discuss with Your Customers

It is imperative to communicate regularly with your customers about delayed deliveries and the quality of particular products. Try to solve their concern regarding late deliveries and defective products. Moreover, assure them next time you won't repeat the same mistake again, resulting in a long-term partnership.

Reconsider Distribution Channels

Suppliers rely on a distribution channel like Amazon to meet the customer's demand, rather they need to look for new distribution options to deliver the products to their customer's doors safely.  


Build Harmonious Relationship with Suppliers

In the retail business, one should put their ego aside and step forward to form a friendly relationship with suppliers or partners, which in return save you in a stockout situation and help deliver products to customers on time.


At present, retailers are struggling to deal with the customers' changing needs and other regional and international issues, which need to be resolved to build a more muscular supply chain system in the future.

ERP Software for Supply Chain

Effective supply chain management software is needed to maintain costs, improve efficiency, and get the products done and delivered to the designated location in a timely manner.     

If your supply chain system is not performing as per the current market requirements, then it must require an urgent postmortem of each underperforming process. ERP software solution is the best option to eliminate loopholes from the system and spur concerned members to perform the operations with more efficiency.     

The eruption of covid-19 has almost put an indefinite break in supply chain crucial operations leading to materials shortage across the world. Interestingly, it has exposed a number of manufacturer's methodologies of handling the supply chain. They are caught unprepared to respond to market fluctuations following this ongoing pandemic.    

In this challenging time, manufacturers need to manage the supply chains in an intellectual way and should avoid the mistakes they committed in the past. The last few surveys have confirmed that ERP software emerged as the first choice amongst the manufacturers for dealing with SCM issues.    

It is high time to integrate ERP software with your supply chain system. If you don’t pay heed to this, the output will be below the expectation. In this technology-driven era, there is a need to change your mindset. ERP integration with your SCM system automates supply chain operations, thereby streamlining the company’s expansion.

Reasons to Integrate ERP Software with Supply Chain Management

Integrating ERP software with your existing system is beneficial to boost the information-sharing network.       


Reduce IT & Training Costs

As ERP provides a single platform to collect the information of each supply chain operation, it helps reduce IT costs and minimize the requirement for providing additional training to employees, and this is in return, reduces operational costs. Therefore, investment in adopting an advanced ERP software is going to be a wiser decision for the company seeking to lessen high operating costs.  


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Improved Process Visibility

One of the most significant advantages of integrating ERP software with your supply chain system is that it helps make supply chain strategy and trace every movement from turning raw materials into finished products to delivering them to the last customers. The traceability becomes more effortless as each operational data is readily available for every individual working on the same tasks. The hands-on information enables the company to complete the job in time. Besides, it is equipped with a user-friendly interface allowing you to track the process flows easily.


Improved Planning & Reporting

Perfect planning for supply chain operations improves efficiency. So then, what is needed to make your supply chain planning flawless? First, you should consider implementing ERP software that hands over to you an accurate reporting of essential tasks. The planning and reporting feature in ERP software reduces the possibilities of repeating operational and logistical errors.


Enhance the Timeliness of the Deliveries 

With ERP implementation, you can easily optimize operations that will reduce your operational costs. The integration of ERP software with supply chain management reduces both time and effort. It helps employees by providing advanced features for the upliftment of your business. In addition, it speeds up the process of delivery and procurement of the products.


Data Security

ERP software owns features that prevent the interference of the third party and provides security to crucial supply chain data, including vendors, suppliers, customers, and so on. It also keeps the data up to date through constant evaluation and can be retrieved when needed.   

In addition, the software gives access to the only responsible person to ensure that your data won’t get into the wrong hands, which can pose a threat to your company. If need be, an authorized person can customize the features to ensure secured access to the data.

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Solve Customer Issues And Give Them A Delightful Experience

If customers do not get delivery of their products on time, obviously, they will develop a negative opinion about your service. Taking care of consumer’s requirements should be the first priority because they play a significant role in the progress of your business. Modern ERP software helps make a stronger bonding with them and enhances the customer base.    

Integration of ERP software with SCM system can bring quick solutions to customer’s issues such as late deliveries and faulty products that will help form a long-lasting relationship with the customers.

Increase Workflow

There is a need to develop mutual understanding among the various teams and have a clear vision about your future business strategies in order to make it successful. But unfortunately, many companies struggle to bring all the departments under a roof. As a result, a collaboration issue occurs between the teams, ultimately resulting in the loss of the company. 

With the ERP integration, the collaboration process gets much easier. It establishes a friendly communication system that streamlines data access procedures allowing everyone to  do  the supply chain tasks  with perfection and  without any hassle.


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Upgrade Supply Chain Management

The present-day ERP software has advanced features that can fully upgrade your supply chain system. It gives you a prompt return in less time. After ERP integration, your company can see a dramatic improvement in the manufacturing department that eventually prevents product delays and ensures the timely delivery of the products.


With the help of Enterprise resource planning software, your company can yield a lot of benefits once integrated with your supply chain system. For example, you can double your profit with increased supply chain management efficiency.  In this technological world, ERP software  is a much-needed solution to get more advantages.