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What Is MRP Software?

MRP (Material Requirements Planning) software is a computer-based inventory and production planning system used by manufacturers to determine the quantity and timing of raw materials, components, and subassemblies required to produce a finished product.

At present, so many best MRP software are used by the manufacturing industry to speed up the regular processes of the Manufacturing department. Roughly, 90 percent of MRP software are designed using the functionalities of  (Enterprise Resource Planning) ERP systems.   

Several Manufacturing businesses around the globe  are heavily dependent on cloud based MRP software to remain competitive in  this rapidly changing world.   

Below , we have introduced one of the most prominent MRP software and tried to reveal the unique functionality of this amazing manufacturing  software.


Odoo ERP Software

Odoo is a business management software, which has abundant manufacturing  business-related modules  that can carry out each task successfully from sales to purchase. Since it is an open-source ERP software, it can be easily downloaded without spending a single penny. It developed an MRP module to meet the needs of  various manufacturing industries. 

Odoo MRP system
allows the users to manage workflow with Gantt charts and Kanban boards and forecast real-time data about product demands helps you  deal with changing product demand. MRP systems have business intelligence tools that helps check inventory management and improve supply chain management from the scratch.    

Odoo cloud based MRP system includes so many automated features, which help the end-users tackle crucial tasks such as, production planning, production errors, BOM (Bill of Materials) , schedule production orders, and trace work orders.

Advanced Features of Odoo MRP Software

Scheduling & Planning

It gives you total control over components inventory, provides you with accurate demand planning, brings fluency in manufacturing scheduling, and establishes effective co-ordination of distribution channels. Consequently, it empowers the organization to bring improvement in the on-time delivery of products, indeed a critical task for almost every manufacturer. Particularly, in the case of mass production. With the support of Odoo MRP module, inventory tracking gets easier.

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Flawless Management

It is quite easy for the manufacturers to access the crucial business data after the implementation of Odoo manufacturing ERP software. It also aids the key project management officers to view and manage the significant business information in real-time and thereby raising business growth. 

Define Master Data

Routing should be defined in a proper manner before manufacturing operations start. Routing is a process of creating the products using the defined materials in the BOM. This requires multiple work centers. 

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Quality is one of the most advanced features in the Odoo manufacturing, which is used to check the quality of the purchased products before the manufacturing process takes place. 

The quality check system in the Odoo MRP helps remove stubborn issues easily. As a consequence, the quality of the products will improve and enhance customer satisfaction.  


The features in Odoo manufacturing module allow maintenance orders to occur for repairing and resolving other issues. Additionally, such orders make requests then they are assigned to the maintenance team.  

Odoo manufacturing can also go through an analysis report of your manufacturing, measure the performance of your work centers and production process. In addition, it also offers suggestions to make alternative strategies.  

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