Odoo ERP : Match All Your Business Needs

Odoo is a primarily used ERP software in the market as it keeps updating and upgrading as to the current updated technological environment. Odoo is a user-friendly ERP software, which is easy to implement and understand. It is the perfect fit for companies that are growing by leaps and bounds. Unmatched functionality and features have made Odoo one of the most preferred ERP software among small- and large-scale businesses. This software is mainly crafted with the aim to meet all your business needs.

Why Choose Odoo?

In the current scenario, managing sensitive data is a headache for many large companies across the world. On the other hand, the safety of such data is also a matter of great concern, which needs to be taken seriously otherwise, that can fall into the wrong hands and put water on your business long-term plans. In such a rare situation, Odoo stores such confidential information in a secured folder and protects it from a third party. Odoo software perfectly manages all the departments where the company lacks proper management and ensures hassle-free communication.


Rejuvenate Your Business with Odoo ERP Software


Odoo ERP Software: An Overview

Odoo is an open-source ERP (enterprise resource planning) software that includes effective business modules such as CRM (customer relationship management), accounting, e-commerce, project management, warehouse management, billing, financial handling, manufacturing and purchasing. These modules are perfectly integrated to make fruitful communication with each other. This software is developed with the aim to meet all your business needs.

Odoo is a suite of ERP system that involves many key modules that are updated frequently. It can also be integrated with third-party apps to enhance their efficiency. Since it is open-source software, businesses of all sizes can use it. Its customizable nature allows developers to access the code without facing any complexity and optimize the modules as per their specifications. Let's discuss the key Odoo modules.

Key Odoo Modules & It's Attributes                                                                       

The primary purpose of the Odoo modules is to address your company’s core problems like manufacturing, sales, invoicing, employee’s productivity, processing, declined growth and many more. The modules have been designed to streamline your crucial business operations. Let’s have a look at the rundown of different features of Odoo.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management: Integrating Odoo ERP with your management system means a rapid improvement in the supply of products from manufacturing to delivering the products to the customers. Odoo inventory management software gives companies the right to track and manage sales. It allows you to keep an eye on the entire product activities until the products reach the distributors.

Odoo inventory management application eases the process of tracking inventory. With serial numbers and lot numbers of the products on hand, you can easily trace the company's products. While getting the purchasing order from the salespersons, specific serial numbers and lot numbers are given to the particular products. The software has a warning system that alerts the users about the wrongdoing with the serial numbers. It ensures that the serial numbers are correctly assigned. 

With the support of the Odoo inventory management app, you can supervise the movement of several warehouses of the same company at different destinations. The biggest perk of getting the Odoo inventory module is that you are allowed to add additional warehouse locations in a queue to track and manage the product movements shipping from one warehouse to another. 

This Odoo module paves the way for the operation, which allows you to handle the entire product movement, including purchase, sales, and manufacturing. These routings in Odoo can be customized depending upon the business needs or availability of the workforce in the organization. The existing default rules in the platform determine the operation routes.

The Odoo platform facilitates the users to fix the reordering rules on existing products which helps a company to get rid of overstocking and keep the stock in balance. If there may be insufficient stock, the Odoo warning message will alert the department about the low stock.

The Odoo Warehouse management includes the advance reporting feature allowing users to prepare reports according to the information available on the platform. In addition, you are free to alter the reports based on your own organization needs. 

Odoo Accounting:

Accounting includes key tasks such as maintaining account books, keeping a record of assets and assessing liabilities to define the economic status of an organization. The Odoo unveiled its own accounting Odoo version to keep the financial transaction record well-organized while streamlining the invoicing process. Let’s take a glance at the Odoo accounting features.

Double Entry Bookkeeping

Odoo involves the double-entry bookkeeping feature, which can maintain all the journal entries robotically. Besides, it can also form extra entries for each transaction.

Multi- Currencies

Odoo provides the facility to keep the record of every transaction in company currency.  In the event of transaction in other currency, Odoo multi-currency system stocks them in the company currency and transaction currency. It also keeps the accounting system running smoothly. Odoo also reports the profit and loss after the settlement of the journal entry. The multi-currency support feature facilitates you to make transactions in other countries.


Odoo helps multinational companies to expand their business by facilitating with its efficient features. Multi-company is one of them. It allows you to manage high-priority tasks from various companies with abundant warehouses, customers, and product suppliers. Odoo can gather financial reports such as profit and loss, budget, balance sheet, and bank details.

Odoo E-commerce:

Integrating Odoo with your e-commerce platform brings discipline to your business. With the help of the Odoo e-commerce module, you can manage inventory and sales. Besides that, its customer portal aids in safeguarding customer data and keeping it well-organized through tracking orders, which allow customers to access invoices and delivery orders. They can also investigate pending orders. 

Odoo is very helpful in building a powerful e-commerce website. In order to boost your product marketing, you need an appealing product page that can draw people’s attention and force them to visit the page. Odoo serves you with a drag and drop option to make your developing process easier for building an appealing website. Since it is optimizable, you can make changes at your will. You can alter the colour, themes, and layout of your website based on your needs. Odoo provides you with various payment methods to select for your eCommerce store. It also allows you to make payment through popular payment modules such as debit card, credit card, PayPal and many more.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

CRM is an excellent source for making strong bonding with potential customers. It also helps attract new clients through novel strategies and features. Nowadays, a large number of enterprises are turning to CRM software to maintain the customer base and add more customers to their side. In short, it makes a bridge between the company and the customers and streamlines the process. A well-programmed CRM software ensures that every deal with the existing and new customers becomes successful and enhances business reach. CRM application shares sales data with you to assess the sales based on the current market scenario and plan new strategies to increase sales.

CRM Odoo has an intuitive interface that is easy to use. There is no licence cost for using this application. Every employee of the company can enjoy using this app with proper implementation. Web-based CRM is considered to be one of the most preferred software right now. Web-based Odoo CRM reduces the errors and streamlines the work by making the process easy. 

The prime reason to acquire CRM Odoo is to enhance sales by generating more leads. It is only possible when you implement it in a proper way. The sales and customer data collected by CRM make you familiar with the status of product sales and give you an idea of what kind of strategies should be executed in the coming days to give sales a big boost. The Odoo CRM module can convert potential leads into regular customers by sharing crucial details.

Another advantage of having an Odoo CRM module is to establish effective communication between the organization and customers, which in turn both become long-term partners for their personal goals. It provides the functionality to take this relationship to the next level and enable you to do various tasks with the customers such as organizing meetings by call, sharing new ideas, and discussing the product's quality and services.

The Odoo CRM includes a function of reporting that allows you to access specific information about CRM operations. The report is about sales, products, and customer’s response towards company and products.

The Odoo CRM ensures the security of your crucial data and employee operations. There is less chance of leaking your data as the security rules to access the information are very strict. It is very challenging to break into the system. Even employees are given separate passwords to access the system. Not all employees are allowed to log into the system. They are provided passcodes on the basis of their services.

The survey provided by Odoo CRM helps you know the customer’s response towards the company and also welcome their feedback on the quality of products and service of the company. Their suggestions allow your company to fix the problems in the areas where the organization needs proper execution and restrict you from repeating the same mistakes to avoid further damages.

Odoo Manufacturing:

In this highly competitive world, several manufacturing sectors are facing tremendous challenges to manage the manufacturing department. Odoo ERP is the ultimate solution for the manufacturing business to meet such challenges, be it small or large. The primary agenda of these companies is to enhance productivity, maintain quality and sustain cost, which can be achieved by the concrete implementation of Odoo ERP in manufacturing. 

The manufacturing module in Odoo 12 provides the platform that allows you to tackle the different manufacturing tasks effectively and make the business process faster. In addition, it will also enable you to integrate your manufacturing process tasks which aids you handle planning, scheduling, processing, procurement of materials, and bill of materials (BOM). It also manages the various areas of your organization which result in increased productivity. Put simply, your entire manufacturing process is managed effectively by Odoo to ensure you smooth handling. 

The Odoo manufacturing module is automated, which allows you to invest your extra time on other tasks which need urgent improvement. Moreover, it also brings drastic reforms in the manufacturing procedure. The greatest benefit of using Odoo CRM is to stay away from repeating the same process and eliminate manual entries. Besides, it also sets an effective process to collect important data which can be shared with each department of your firm. 

With the Odoo reporting function, you can easily make a reliable report without any support from other departments, which gives you more power to make any decision for the revival of the manufacturing business process.

Odoo Employees:

Handling a large number of employees and their data is indeed a tough task for several companies. Although they have efficient HR, they fall short of employee’s management. This is where Odoo enters the picture. With the help of Odoo ERP, HR can easily manage the employees by assembling all employees data.

Company owners can assign the various tasks to the employees and also go through the time each employee spends on given projects with the help of the Odoo tracing system. Hence, they can be familiar with their working ability and later define their roles in the company. Odoo automatically computes employees working hours which can be analyzed in a timesheet. Moreover, it also monitors the attendance and leaves of workers.

For a leave, you need to fill up a leave application. Once you are done, your owner gets a request with an option to see the leave request and later decide whether to approve or deny. Once your leave is approved, you get a timely notification, and the calendar gets updated automatically in a few seconds just after approval.

Product Lifecycle Management 

PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) module is one of the most prominent modules in Odoo, mainly designed to boost your engineering department as well as the production cycle. It helps manage entire product data and maintain (BOM) bill of materials revisions while inspecting the product lifecycle based on engineering change orders (ECO). 

The processes are well-programmed in PLM, which helps minimize the unit cost in the production cycle, thereby raising profit. PLM allows you to track the entire product manufacturing process from beginning to end. 

Integration of PLM processes within an ERP system streamline engineering activities and reduce the time to market period. The reason to implement the PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) module is to provide a platform where multiple departments can do brief interaction.

Marketing Automation

The marketing automation module in Odoo ERP helps the marketing processes and save a lot of time you usually spend on creating an attractive campaign for your business. With Odoo marketing automation, the promotion of your key products has become much easier. It makes the task of scheduling marketing campaigns on social media platform easy. You can schedule your advertisement with eye-catching images on alternate days. Besides, it automatically responds to the customer’s messages or queries.

With Odoo marketing automation, you can analyze the buying behaviour of customers that help set up a campaign to catch their attention. It is also helpful in generating more leads and maintaining a relationship with customers. Automation marketing features such as SMS marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing help automate tasks like sending brief messages, emails and running social media marketing.  

internet of Things (IoT)

The growing digitalization and wireless networking are the key reasons of the Internet of Things emergence. IoT technology helps simplify your business operations. Odoo Offers an IoT box, which is an integrated device enabling you to connect the gadgets to the platform. Odoo IoT box has a Raspberry pi that ensures a hassle-free integration of IoT devices with your ERP system. Odoo IoT box assists you with connecting external devices to your database. Integration with the key business processes enhances the productivity of your company.

Odoo Documents

Documents module in Odoo ERP helps you go paperless. Odoo documents tool store your key business documents such as sales orders, purchase data, invoices, quotations, licenses, customers and employees documents. It easily manages and keeps them secured. The data stored in the documents module cant be tampered or stolen by a third party. 

Human Resource Management (HRM)

The duty of an HR manager is very difficult because keeping the data of all employees well-maintained is not an easy task. It requires special attention. This module sets up an effective HRM procedure that helps maintain employee’s data, such as leaves and total attendance. It also facilitates you with an efficient payroll system allowing you to maintain payment and salary reports.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

The supply chain management module has been designed to track the entire manufacturing process that includes making products and delivering them to the last customers. With SCM, you can easily trace the sales activities along with shipping.

Sales Management

This module gives you total control over the sales department. You are allowed to customize it according to your business needs. With sales management, you can easily solve sales queries, create invoices, get orders, and also trace the pending orders.

A Brief Explanation about Additional Odoo Apps

Odoo Invoicing

It is a user-friendly app Odoo has. It makes invoices processes easy and effective. The main benefit is that you can generate invoices from sales orders and delivery orders. It can also be linked with your bank account, allowing you to track your payments and manage your bills easily.

Odoo Point of Sale (POS)

Odoo Point Of Sale(POS ) is the only solution when it comes to managing your accounting and sales. It has a user-friendly interface, which can be used on iPads, tablets or laptop.

Odoo Project Management

It is one of the most important apps of Odoo that covers all the tasks and functions required for successful project management. Odoo project management module automatically manage every business operation and real-time tracking of project errors allow you to fix them. 


Odoo Subscription

With the Odoo subscription module, you can easily manage subscription-based products. Besides, it also provides an analytical report of products through which you can figure out the product’s demand in future.

There are numerous Odoo apps available online. But here, we have mentioned the key apps that play a significant role in making your business processes streamlined and helping your organization stand out from others. These apps won't give the desired result if not implemented properly. Hence, you should pay full attention to the implementation process.

 A Peep Into Odoo Pricing

Odoo owns two versions- a community version and an enterprise version. Enterprise is an extended version of Community. It includes additional features which you can't get in the Community version. There is no restriction to download Odoo Community. It is a license-free version, while the Enterprise edition requires a license. It is a paid version of Odoo ERP that offers extraordinary modules and services. It provides large enterprises with productive apps such as CRM, Purchase, Sales, Accounting, inventory and so on. 

Odoo price varies depending upon the country or region. Odoo community edition is free and includes one app that is CRM. The subscription for the enterprise version costs $28 per user, and the additional charge is $12 for other applications. If you integrate Odoo with other systems like Amazon, UPS, and eBay, it will cost extra money. 

Odoo Apps: The Only Way to Expand Your Business

Odoo is an open-source ERP software providing thousands of applications that cleverly manage your business processes while increasing staff productivity. Most importantly, these apps can be optimized as per your needs. Some apps are in-built, and others are developed by official Odoo partners depending upon your own requirements. More than 1000 apps are designed on the demand of customers. You should choose the apps which suit your needs and promote your company's expansionism in the coming days. 

Since Odoo is a mobile-friendly software, all apps are available on your mobile devices. You can satisfy your needs quickly with easy access to Odoo modules. An extensive suite of apps will help your business soaring. Let's discuss the benefits provided by Odoo apps.

Streamline Business Operations

The applications provided by Odoo make your business operations easy. They manage the daily timesheets, project activities, and inventory management as well as other tasks accurately, thereby enhancing the productivity of your business.

With the Odoo inventory management application, you can supervise stock availability in the warehouse and investigate the shipping movement at multiple warehouses simultaneously. The Odoo interface shares each project's information on a single platform that allows you to easily access the valuable details and make further changes according to forecasting.  

The use of the documentation will result in enhanced functionality. With this app, every department of your company can easily exchange the crucial data of specific documents with your clients. As a result of this collaboration, all of your business operations can achieve their goals without any hassle.

Enhance interactions with Customers

No business can last any longer without proper marketing strategies. They will have to witness the downfall sooner or later. Thus, it will require renewed marketing tactics to enhance your business. With Odoo apps, your normal processes get easier. Your interaction with consumers will be more effective than it was earlier. With the Odoo modules, you can enhance your communication with clients using various social media platforms and generate leads through automation.

Help Increase Sales

Customers are called the pillar of your business foundation. Because, ultimately, they will decide your company's rise and fall. Hence, they must be treated well. The Odoo apps help meet consumer's expectations and boost your sales. With Odoo CRM, you can automate different tasks and save a lot of time. Besides, you are allowed to supervise all the sales department activities with the help of automotive apps. Odoo sales management system effectively manages the sales sector, thereby increasing the company's overall profit.

Robust Communication

Communication is an effective weapon for eliminating doubts and maintaining mutual trust. You can take the leverages of Odoo modules to establish a healthy communication platform where all departments can easily interact to find a prompt solution to any problem.

Odoo is the perfect campaigner for any business. It has plenty of automated applications that ease the process, enhance productivity, and mint a lot of money for your company. 

Things to Consider When Assessing Odoo ERP

You have to go through several critical stages for a perfect Odoo ERP solution. It requires careful attention when it comes to evaluating Odoo ERP. It is indeed a daunting task to perform. A reckless decision on ERP can badly affect all the departments, and its adverse effects haunt you for years.

At present, the market overflows with many ERP providers that have created a complicated situation for the users to choose the right one that fits into their categories.

Key Considerations

Odoo is an open-source ERP software that fully automates your business tasks. Hence, You should have the right plan for ERP Implementation. Don't worry, we would love to guide you. Here are a few critical factors that your team must consider when choosing Odoo ERP.

Creative Approach: in this highly competitive world, you will have to adopt creative ideas if you want to last. Innovation is a must for your business growth. Nowadays, Odoo ERP software is booming in the market. The Odoo ERP helps your business grow. However, the right selection and implementation of Odoo requires time. Find an Odoo implementer who has innovative strategies and not afraid of taking risks during the implementation.

Extensive Experience Of Industry: Find an ERP implementer who has extensive experience in a specific industry that benefits your business. That person suggests the right tools that ensure a hassle-free implementation. Hence, choose an implementer who successfully implemented Odoo ERP in the past. 

Team Size & Skills: it doesn't matter what the size of the team is, but to some extent, it matters a lot when it comes to experience and skills. The larger the team is, the more ideas you will have. On the other hand, although the group is small, they should be skilled in implementation, allowing you to work with ease and productivity. 

Accurate Implementation: The businessmen, who are running large companies, always favour the exemplary Odoo ERP implementation because they have multiple difficult tasks to handle. Odoo centralizes the data and brings all the departments under a roof. Choose an implementer who previously worked with Odoo projects. 

User-Friendly: People always prefer to use applications that are easy to use. ERP software with so many complications faces backlash from the users. It must be user-friendly. Ease of use is the key factor that streamlines the processes while increasing the employee’s productivity. User-friendly ERP saves a lot of time, thereby focusing on new resources that rapidly expand your business.  

Dedicated Team: Full dedication to crucial projects puts your company on top of the ladder. It gets you tremendous success. Pick a team that is committed and dedicated to their project. Firstly, they understand your ERP Implementation demands and solve them immediately. The evaluation of your company's departments must be their top priority to establish a robust communication system that results in uninterrupted work. Moreover, after the implementation, they make sure whether the modules function correctly or not. 

Various Options for Deployment: There are many options for ERP deployment. It can be deployed on cloud, on-premise, off-premise and hybrid. Trust an implementer who is well-versed in the deployment of these platforms. 

If you are on the hunt for the right Odoo ERP implementation for your company, Konsultoo is always prepared to serve you with top-notch features that help your business grow in the right direction.




Why Odoo ERP Is A Boon for Small And Mid-Sized Business

In this article, we will explain to you how Odoo ERP software can cement small and medium-sized businesses with its top-notch applications. 

As the days pass, the competition in the business world has increased. The growing competition is a spur to modernization. As a result, everyone is switching to new marketing strategies to catch customer's eyeballs and trying hard to put one another down. In fluctuating consumers demands, Every businessman's focus is pinned on Odoo ERP, which is an open-source software mainly designed to streamline the core processes, minimize operations costs, and maximize profit. Odoo is a fully integrated system that has gained immense popularity over the last few years due to its highly flexible concept. 

Nowadays, businesses of all sizes are turning to EPP system implementation to manage the company's functioning department efficiently. ERP implementation improves the productivity of each area of your firm from scratch and establishes a new system that enhances decision-making. Odoo ERP is gradually gaining ground in small to medium-sized businesses.

Why Integrate Odoo?

Odoo is a business management ERP software formerly known as Open ERP. It is used to handle crucial business tasks such as accounting, manufacturing, inventory, CRM, and sales. Odoo is the best option for those who are seeking to reduce costs and raise profit. Sustaining growth and countering your rival's aggressive marketing strategies is a great challenge. Worry not, integrating Odoo ERP into your own system helps you keep up with new business challenges by forming a new working system.

The key modules of Odoo play a significant role in streamlining all your business tasks while establishing a solid communication system that includes each member of your organization where everybody can exchange information. Odoo ERP contains 30 key modules with 16,000 third-party apps and plugins in the app store. With plugins, you are assured that you get the best modules for your business.


Advantages of Odoo to Small And Medium-Sized Business

Enhanced Productivity

You can enjoy increased productivity by using Odoo ERP software as it automates all business operations while reducing human errors. Odoo ERP system transforms the existing features of your company and removes the problems which hinder the progress.



Integration of Odoo with your ERP system reduces the chances of errors that often occurred while exchanging data. Odoo software can easily manage every department of your company with its integrated network. Everyone can access a piece of shared information that is available on a single platform. The process of sharing information brings transparency to the company.

Brilliant Teamwork

It is quite difficult for small businessmen to overcome the problems they are facing. They need an effective ERP system that can bring every employee under one roof to discuss the projects and take the necessary steps to prevent project delay. Odoo ERP is the best option to allow each department to access the information quickly. As a result, they can work as a team. The lack of communication can result in poor collaboration. With Odoo implementation, accessing any data becomes easier, and all employees get detailed information which encourages them to make collective efforts to fix any major problem.

Balance with The Changing Business Scenario

The business world is changing faster than expected. Every day new technologies are introduced. If you fail to keep up with the changing business environment, you will be out of the competition. Odoo has modules that can modernize your core operations through automation and make your business roar again.

Small businesses can benefit a lot from Odoo ERP software as its apps can be customized as per your needs. The customization option in Odoo enables you to manage your business the way you like. 

       What Makes Odoo A Mainstream ERP Software


Every e-commerce owner understands the importance of business software. That is why they are always cautious during the search for ERP software. Running an organization along with so many projects in the pipeline is not a simple task. Hence, it requires an effective ERP system that manages everything smoothly without disturbing the ongoing process. Choosing the right ERP system takes a couple of weeks or more than that. After all, it is a matter of the company’s progress. 

Every business person wants efficient ERP software to improve the existing business structure. You need a system that streamlines the business operations and helps tighten your grip on each department of the company. You should install software that can easily integrate with your current ERP system and automate all the crucial tasks. 

Odoo is an open-source ERP software that has come up with so many advantages for businesses. It possesses modern-age apps that boost sales, enhance productivity, and strengthen human resource management. So, what are the features that make Odoo the most demanding ERP software? Let’s have a look:  

Helps Build An Illustrative Website

Whether you have any knowledge about website building or not. Odoo eases the process of making the website because it has all the features that are required to create a customized website. The drag and drop feature in Odoo enables you to make an appealing website in a few minutes. With Odoo, website building has become easier than before. 

Easy to Develop Email Marketing Strategies

You need a better marketing campaign in case you wish to send specific messages to your existing customers. Sending and receiving emails is a regular task of each enterprise. With Odoo readymade templates, an automated reply is sent to the person who has sent you a message through an email. 

Increases Business Productivity

Your business can not last any longer without productivity. Hence, productivity is essential for the consistent growth of a company.  With Odoo, you can track all the business activities, including project status and invoice, allowing you to take the decision at the right time. The Odoo “heat map” feature helps trace each business movements and provides real-time data that improve your decision-making. 

Additionally, Odoo provides assistance to integrate any external software in a proper way. Most importantly, Odoo can enhance the functionalities of that software which result in streamlined processes.  Integrating Odoo with third-party apps can definitely enhance your business productivity.  

Manage Content Production

If you think that managing content on an open-source blogging platform is a complicated thing. But it is not so. With Odoo’s help, you can easily manage the content production cycle that includes the process of writing a blog and publishing it on blogging websites. It also helps improve your ranking. 

The first thing to do is to use “Blocks” that make it easy for you to create mobile-friendly blog posts. Additionally, with Odoo, you can quickly translate your content, add relevant videos, banners, quotes, and images, helping you to reach your target audience.

Provide Regular Updates

Odoo provides technical updates at regular intervals, which helps you to do your tasks more effectively. Every year, Odoo introduces a new version that is beneficial to upgrade your business as it is designed with a goal to empower your business. 

If you are avid to adopt new technology and can spend money on installing efficient business software, Odoo can be the right choice to take your business sales to the next level. If you have any doubts about Odoo integration, contact an official Odoo partner to solve all your queries.

Konsultoo is an Odoo ERP software services provider located in the USA. We have a team of Odoo Experts who has enough experience in Odoo implementation to help all kind of businesses upgrade.