Odoo 15 Community & Enterprise Versions

Understanding The Differences
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Odoo 15 Community & Enterprise Versions
Konsultoo Software Consulting PVT. LTD, Nitesh Macwan

Odoo is one of the best ERP software used largely by different types of industries due to its customizable nature. Odoo ERP software contains advanced modules, which undoubtedly speed up the growth of your company.

The key modules like Inventory, Accounting, MRP, CRM, Sales, Purchase, and eCommerce play an important role in flourishing your business.

Odoo has 3200 modules. The Odoo Community and integrator developed these modules. 1600 modules are free and 1600 are paid. There are 550+ ready-made themes available for eCommerce and business websites. 140+ themes are available for free and 410+ themes require payment to use them.

As the days passed by, the number of Odoo users are increasing rapidly with the introduction of the Odoo 15 version, which is quicker and more reliable than the last version.

Contrast Between Odoo 15 Community And Enterprise versions

Odoo 15 has two versions the Community and the Enterprise. Odoo 15 Community is an open-source version, which is totally free of cost and you do not need to pay for the license. However, there is limited functionality in it. Odoo 15 Enterprise edition is paid and licensed edition. It includes some advanced features along with Community features too, which are useful to manage your crucial business operations.

Now it's time to know the differences between the Odoo Community and the Enterprise version.

Common Features

Odoo 15 Enterprise edition has general features like Unlimited Functional Support, Upgrade to a newer version along with a database, Hosting facility, and bug fixing. All of these features are applicable to the Odoo 15 Community version.

Odoo 15 Community version can be used only for the Desktop version. On the other hand, the Odoo Enterprise is applicable for both Desktop and Mobile as its User Interface is mobile-friendly.

Odoo Studio

There are amazing features available in the Odoo 15 Studio module, which simplify the process of customization. With the support of these features, you can easily edit the menu, design the desired report, and customize the screen. These features are not available in the Odoo 15 Community version.

You can find the sales-related modules and customer portals in both Community and Enterprise editions but the Enterprise provides the users with some extra features such as Digital products, Subscriptions, Help-desk, and VoIP Integration.

Odoo 15 Community users have Inventory Management features but they don't have access to some additional features such as UPS, USPS, FedEx, and many more. On the other hand, Odoo Enterprise users have easy access to these features.

Odoo 15 Enterprise version contains a variety of reports like Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Executive Summary, Payable & Receivable, and Tax Report. On top of that, there are some additional features like Sales Receipts, Purchase Receipts, and Digital Bills, which are available in the Odoo 15 Enterprise edition.

MRP module is available in both the Odoo Community and the Odoo Enterprise versions. MRP has key features called Work Centers, and Bills of Materials. However, the Enterprise has an edge over the Community version as it gets some additional features such as Quality, PLM, Maintenance, IoT, and many more.

Odoo Enterprise got some of the best features for Employee planning, which are used to allocate resources to various projects and tasks. The features of Project Management help define deadlines with great accuracy whereas, Odoo 15 Community users can't use these features.

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Odoo 15 Community & Enterprise Versions
Konsultoo Software Consulting PVT. LTD, Nitesh Macwan November 29, 2021
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