Quicken Your Shipping Operations with Odoo Shipping Integration

April 26, 2022 by
Quicken Your Shipping Operations with Odoo Shipping Integration
Konsultoo Software Consulting PVT. LTD, Nitesh Macwan

Shipping is all about transporting and delivering a product to the customers. A company without a streamlined shipping system can no longer survive. One can test the success only after performing successful shipping operations. Logistic firms are the primary support system for small and large companies to deliver their products from one place to another. Let’s learn What Odoo shipping integration is all about.   

What Is Shipping Integration? 


Shipping integration is the method of integrating the shipping and logistic activities of various products using flexible ERP software. The shipping integration helps streamline all shipping operations. Most importantly, an interface is provided to improve your shipping-related processes.   

It is not much difficult to manage your business when you have a shipping integration system. With shipping integration, all your business tasks witness remarkable improvement. The hassle-free delivery of the product to the customer’s doorstep brings about success for your company. It also helps boost your relationship with the logistic firms as well as the customers. Shipping integration allows the users to track the movements of the products.   

Perks of Odoo Shipping integration  

Helps Create Shipment Labels And Invoices  

The benefit of implementing Odoo ERP is that it supports you in generating shipment labels and invoices. Various appealing templates provided by Odoo help make shipment labels more attractive that tell the logistic firms and the customers about your product’s key attributes. Odoo shipping integration aids you to use separate tags for the packages, which contain chemical components and pharmaceutical drugs.   


Many regret wasting time on useless matters. But it is of no avail because that time never comes back. We sometimes do not pay heed to the wasted time. As a result, your company may face a financial crisis. Hence, time should be given more importance. Odoo shipping integration speeds up the process of product transportation and delivery. It also automates the task of delivering goods directly from the inventory. Odoo ERP can easily manage customers’ data such as contact, account details, address, and payment modes.   

Easy Tracking  

Tracking product movement anytime and from anywhere has become much easier with Odoo shipping integration. Every product is stamped with a valid lot number, serial number, and barcoding. This will help you easily monitor the product’s movement. The delivery of products gains pace with the help of Odoo shipping integration.   

Provide Regular Updates  

Odoo ERP always introduces new updates at a regular interval. Odoo integration with customers’ details, inventory, and shipment updates customers’ messages automatically. The customers are given updates when the products are dispatched or delivered. The product’s delay and its arrival are updated with the Odoo shipping integration.   

Track Product Delay  

With the Odoo shipping integration, you can trace the delay in the delivery of products that generally takes place during transportation. Odoo has one system which is SMS and Emails system that help prevent delay.   

Store Digital Record of Delivery Operations  

In this world of digitalization, digitalizing all your documents is necessary.  Every Odoo communication platforms are cloud-based that automatically stores all your documents in digital format. With Email communication, customers can easily get a digital copy of the bill.   

Easy Integration of All Tasks  

With Odoo shipping integration, you can easily integrate the shipping operations with CRM, PoS, contact management, and accounts management which eventually brings transparency to every business task.   

Integration with Order Management  

Odoo allows you to integrate shipping with order management. Odoo can singularly manage sale orders, manufacturing orders, and purchase orders. The association of ERP with shipping makes the delivery of components and products much easier.   

Categorization of Goods  

Odoo ERP helps generate invoices, bills, and labels that ensure hassle-free delivery. The categorization sends precaution to the shipping firms as an alert that needs to be taken when transporting the goods.    

Schedule Time for Delivery  

Odoo ERP helps manufacturers schedule delivery time. The delivery time is planned by Odoo based on the booking time, and the distance between the inventory and the place where goods are supposed to be delivered. Making a delivery to the customers on time can ensure a long-term association.  

Quicken Your Shipping Operations with Odoo Shipping Integration
Konsultoo Software Consulting PVT. LTD, Nitesh Macwan April 26, 2022
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