Secure Your Data with Odoo ERP System

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Secure Your Data with Odoo ERP System
Konsultoo Software Consulting PVT. LTD, Nitesh Macwan

At present, the greatest threat to the world is the increasing cyber-attack on multiple companies' sensitive data. It takes years for any organization to recover from this major blow. Moreover, hacker have grown up smart. They can easily commit cybercrimes and cause great damage to anyone's personal data from any corner of the world. The malicious virus can target both individuals and companies.

To get over such cyber-attacks, several IT experts are working tirelessly and implementing the best practices. Social media is a soft target for hackers. They are capable of hacking the entire computer system within a few minutes. The security of your system should be the first priority as the chances of data theft are growing at an alarming rate. 

Every organization must take preventive measures to get rid of the virus attack. Odoo ERP is the best option to remain protective against cyber-attacks. Odoo is best known for providing complete security to those who use Odoo software and assuring safety through its Odoo online version.

How Does Odoo ERP  Assure Security?

Support Backup & Disaster Recovery

Users are given assurance of complete backup for their instances for more than three months. The data backup management feature allows Odoo users to store and manage their data securely within three months. With the help of this feature, users can easily retrieve their lost instances.

In addition, Odoo follows disaster management practices to recover data as early as possible without interrupting normal work processes. 

Security Database

Odoo provides its primary users with a reliable database. Database security is vital for any company to sustain growth. Odoo stores the customer's data in a dedicated database and is not shared with one another. Besides, data access control rules give complete control over sensitive data.

Security of Password

The customer's data is very precious for a company. Any loss of the customer's data can spoil the image of any organization. Odoo provides a standard password to keep their data safe and sound. If users lose a password, they will have to reset it because Odoo staff are not given the password following security reasons. Both are accountable for the password reset.

Employee Access

If the Odoo employees want to make some necessary changes or corrections to the user's account, they will be only allowed to access using the staff authorization, not a user password. One thing is a hundred percent sure that Odoo never tempers your password. This shows that Odoo is fully committed to the customer's privacy.

Ensure Physical Data Center's Security

Security cameras are used by Odoo for monitoring physical data centers all day. Even staff is restricted to access this location. Only data center technicians are allowed after brief monitoring.

Credit Card Security

When the users subscribe to Odoo online, Odoo generally avoids storing or saving your credit card details. Odoo can only prepare a platform where the users and PCI acquirer can safely do transaction activities.

Ensure Software Security

Being open-source software, the software code is always under the scanner of Odoo users and contributors across the world. Moreover, the threat of cyber-attacks or data theft cannot be ruled out. Odoo ensures software security by removing bugs from the code, doing regular bug reporting and debugging.

Why Need to Be Serious for Data Security?

Many enterprisers ignore the issue of data security, thus causing damage to the company. You require software that safeguards the details of customers, employees, transactions, and other confidential files. If you don't take the security of data seriously, it will harm your organization in many ways. Your negligence can cause a financial crisis, lose faith in customer, stuck in legal conflicts, and eventually witness the company's collapse.

Secure Your Data with Odoo ERP System
Konsultoo Software Consulting PVT. LTD, Nitesh Macwan April 15, 2022
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