Odoo 17 Enterprise Version: Expected Features

August 7, 2023 by
Odoo 17 Enterprise Version: Expected Features
Konsultoo Software Consulting PVT. LTD, Nitesh Macwan

The craze and anticipation surrounding the grand release of Odoo 17 version has taken over the ERP market. Users have been eagerly waiting for every update about the upcoming version. Odoo releases a new version every year. The trend will continue this year too, as the announcement of the Odoo 17 edition is around the corner. 

In this blog, we are going to throw light on Odoo 17 enterprise features. 

What Are the Exciting Odoo 17 Features? 

A periodic overhaul of the ERP system is vital for enhancing the productivity of your business.The upcoming Odoo 17 enterprise edition will have a variety of user-friendly features that will definitely enhance the user experience. This latest version will be introduced at the Odoo Experience event in Belgium. 

Odoo v17 expected features include: 

Revamped User Interface: 

Upgraded user interface (UI) in the Odoo 17 enterprise version that aims at enhancing user experience and productivity. The new UI overhauls design elements, improves usability, and provides users with a contemporary look. 

Improved Search View: 

Odoo 17 provides users with a simplified and streamlined search method. This can be done by consolidating the Filter, Group By, Favorites, and Submenus, and that too with the latest centralized "Search" tab, making the search process easier and more effective for users. 

Introduction of Dark Mode: 

Odoo v17 introduces an amazing dark mode feature through which users can easily change the existing mode to dark mode and get a delightful visual experience. 

Add Products from the Catalog: 

With the Odoo 17 edition, users can easily add products to the sale order from the catalog in Kanban view. 

A Separate Menu for Operations in the Inventory Module:

​In the Inventory module, users will get a revamped operation menu for various operations under the Inventory Operations section. Earlier, users used the ‘Transfer’ menu to view all records. 


​Odoo 17 version introduces an extraordinary module with extraordinary features named ‘To-Do’, which is going to replace the ‘Note’ module. With a single click, you can convert ‘To-do’ to tasks.