Meet Odoo 16 CRM Module

November 28, 2022 by
Meet Odoo 16 CRM Module
Konsultoo Software Consulting PVT. LTD, Nitesh Macwan

Customers are an integral part of any business. Your business expansion depends upon the continuous support of customers for your brand. Therefore, you continuously need to appease them with new tactics to increase the reach of your brand. An ERP system like Odoo can maintain a good relationship with customers.

CRM module has been upgraded in the Odoo 16 version and so are the features.  The growth of your business will skyrocket with the latest features of the Odoo 16 CRM edition. This new version also accelerates customers-related activities and improves the relationship with them.

Latest Features of Odoo 16 CRM

Contemporary User Interface

With Odoo 16 intuitive user interface, it is straightforward to plan various activities in a pipeline. Moreover, you can easily close the sales report along with potential leads. You get a new dashboard with a newly designed framework, which is used to view all the sales operations. 

This is a mobile-friendly user interface, which can be used anywhere and allows you to work smoothly.

Help Reduce Data Entry

New email marketing features of Odoo 16 help serve your customers with quick email quotes. As a consequence, you can generate more leads. With customer's contact details, you can easily tackle VoIP calls and your pipeline as well.

Lead Generation

With new lead generation features, it is easy to create campaigns and create leads automatically. Moreover, you can validate the emails including leads. You are allowed to import the prospective leads. With Odoo 16, getting accessed to the GeoIP of the leads is easy, which is created by collecting the IP address of the visitors. Besides, you can easily detect GeoIP.

Offer Deduplication

The merger and conversion of the prospective leads help create the contacts depending upon the leads which are generated by deduplication.

Online Acquisition for Lead Generation

You are provided with abundant marketing applications, which help you with generating leads through online acquisition from the website. With social media marketing tools, you can tweet and quote different tasks, thereby boosting the leads. 

Live Chat and Calling

Features for live chat and calling help procure leads and finally convert visitors into leads. For that, you need to activate live chat and calling options. Moreover, you can make your own rules for your selected countries and pages.

Provide Multi-address with Multi-domain and Servers

Odoo 16 CRM module allows you to enter multi-address with multi-domain and servers in your customer entry. By doing so, you can come into contact with more individuals and make a deal with them.  In addition, you can access to the history of customer organization and analyze the orders, quotations, and sales orders.

Top-notch Email Templates and Quick Email Messages

With latest feature of email marketing, you can promptly send email messages to your customers. When delivering email messages, you can add new templates. Besides, you can also create leads opportunities by enhancing gateways.

Analytical Reports in Graphic view

By activating this feature, you can get the reports of the customer and sales team as well. This feature also helps analyze the overall performance of your team members. Odoo 16 CRM provides  you with the reports in various views like pivot, dashboard, list, and graph. 

Winding Up

In sum, Odoo CRM 16, one can easily rejuvenate their businesses with minimal efforts. With the help of new features, you can witness the tremendous transformation of your business. 

Meet Odoo 16 CRM Module
Konsultoo Software Consulting PVT. LTD, Nitesh Macwan November 28, 2022
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