Odoo CRM

An Easy Way to Dominate The Customers

Customer Relationship Management

  • Odoo is a suit of open-source business apps including CRM module, which is an excellent source of making strong bonding with potential customers. It helps attract new clients with novel strategies and features.  

  • Nowadays, a large number of enterprises are switching to CRM software with a motive to maintain the customer base and add more new customers to their sides.

  • In short, it acts as an interpreter between the company and the customers to streamlines the business process. 

  • A well-programmed CRM software ensures that every deal with the existing and new customers becomes successful and enhances business reach.

  • CRM application shares sales data with you to assess the sales as per the current market scenario which allows you to plan new strategies to increase sales.

Usability & Accessibility

  • Odoo CRM has an intuitive interface which is easy to use. It is able to cover all your company needs. There is no licencing cost for using this application. Every employee in the company can enjoy using this app with proper implementation.

  • Web-based CRM is considered to be one of the most preferred software right now. Web-based Odoo CRM reduces the errors and streamlines the work by making the process easy. 

Advantage of CRM

  • The prime reason to acquire Odoo CRM is to enhance sales by generating more leads. It is only possible when you implement it in a proper way.

  • The sales and customer data collected by CRM make you familiar with the status of product sales and give you an idea of what kind of strategies should be executed in the coming days to give sales a big boost.

  • The Odoo CRM module can convert potential leads into regular customers by sharing crucial details.

  • Another advantage of having an Odoo CRM module is that it can establish an effective communication system between the organization and customers, which in turn both become a long-term partner for personal goals.

  • It provides the functionality to take this relationship to the next level and enable you to do various tasks with the customers like arrange meetings by call, share new ideas, and discuss the latest products and services.

Extra features

  • The Odoo CRM includes a function of reporting that allows you to access the specific information about CRM operations. The report is about sales, products, and customer’s response for the company .

  • The survey provided by Odoo CRM helps you know the customer’s response for the company and also welcomes their feedback on the quality of products and service of the company.

  • Their suggestions help your company fix the problems in the areas where the company needs proper execution and further restrict you from repeating the same mistakes and avoiding further disruption.


  • The Odoo CRM ensures the security of your crucial data and employee operations. The company has fewer chances of leaking its data as the security rules to access the valuable information are very strict.

  • It is very challenging to break into the system. Even employees are given separate passwords to access the system. Not all employees are allowed to log into the system. They are provided passcodes on the basis of their positions.

           Odoo CRM: Why Is It Significant for Your Business?  

The customers are the pillar of any business build-up. No organization can survive without their support. Ignoring the basic requirements of loyal consumers means inviting the fall of your business. To save the company’s existence, you must maintain a healthy relationship with them. The more customers you have, the bigger profit you get.   

The essential activities, such as regular phone calls, emails, and virtual meetings, help maintain a good relationship with the customers. Moreover, get feedback from them to improve your product’s quality and service.  

There are different ERPs available in the market designed to automate the various operations of the business, but Odoo stands out from these ERPs software. It is a kind of software that uses a single platform and meets every single need of your business. It has all the features others don’t. It is very easy to integrate Odoo with your existing system. The Odoo also helps you integrate third-party applications with the software without tampering with your current processes.  

Odoo has one unique module called CRM. it has got the best features that help boost your relationship. Here we explain to you how Odoo CRM increases your customer base. 

Generate Massive Leads 

The CRM module of the Odoo platform allows you to analyse the data of the customers who are considered potential leads and provide stuff to increase the leads. After the verification of the leads, they can be converted into regular customers. The cutting-edge functionality of the Odoo CRM module helps generate more leads and eventually increases your sales.  

Set-Up An Effective Communication System 

The CRM module of the Odoo platform an effective communication system that helps develop an in-depth relationship with the customers. The Odoo CRM module automatically schedules meetings and calls with the clients that include the discussion for reviews on products and services. Such healthy communication with your clients ensures a long-lasting relationship. You can also assign this task to an efficient employee who can cleverly do these communicating activities without fail.  

Provide Analytical Reports 

Odoo CRM shares all the sales related information with you that increase transparency. It stores data in a single platform that makes it easy for employees to access the data for in-depth analysis. The reports can be viewed in various formats such as Gantt, graph, form, and pivot.  

Ensure Data Security 

The chances of losing customers as well as your company data are significantly less when you have the Odoo CRM module integrated with your software. No third-party persons can access your information as the security protocols are stringent. Employees who are allowed to access the data are selected based on their level of administration. In addition, every employee is given separate passcode to enter the system.  

Wrapping Up 

The Odoo CRM module provides your business with various features that help keep you in constant touch with the customers by scheduling different activities. With the CRM module, you can maintain a good relationship with the customers and attract more potential clients to your company. 

How To Integrate Odoo CRM with Facebook?

Facebook is one of the most successful social media sites of our time. It connects billions of people and brings them under one roof. They use Facebook to their heart’s content. However, most of them see Facebook as a source of income due to its strong connection with a larger audience across the world. It has become an essential asset of all kinds of businesses, be it small or large. Every industry has enhanced the usage of Facebook with the purpose to market their products and raise profit.  

With the Odoo CRM module, you can streamline the operations of your Facebook marketing. Odoo’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module is generally used to track a customer’s data. Integrating your Facebook lead ads with the CRM system can help retrieve your potential leads quickly.  

In addition, downloading a new CSV file every time when checking new leads is a daunting task. With CRM, it is no longer an arduous job. Odoo CRM makes this process much easier. It is possible to connect your CRM to your account with the help of your Facebook page. Remember one thing that you cant connect CRM until you are an admin of the Facebook page and have access to leads.  

Steps to Integrate CRM with Your Facebook Page 

First of all, log in to your Facebook account and open your page. Then click on publishing tools and leads set up. Search the CRM system you want to use for the integration. When you get your CRM system, you will find an option is; Connect from the website. You are supposed to click on it and follow the steps suggested in the CRM provider’s website to complete the integration successfully. After connecting the CRM with Facebook, you are enabled to retrieve leads from the CRM system.  

The CRM system you have chosen will display an option suggesting to follow through Zapier, and there is a blue connect button. At that moment, click connect button for connecting to the CRM. Just after clicking on the connect button, you are all set to integrate with the CRM. 

Once you connect to the CRM, you can go to the website to check and manage your leads. If need be, you are allowed to download your leads through Facebook. After the integration of CRM, you will find the leads in your CRM system. Once you are granted access, you are supposed to give permission to the CRM system before leads display in the system.  

One thing to note here is that you can not edit the CRM system with Facebook tools if you integrate the CRM system using an external website. If you want to make changes in the integration, you must visit your CRM provider’s website for further steps.