Odoo Training

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We are offering unmatched  Odoo  training that helps you run an ERP system in the proper manner. It is essential to train your colleagues. If they are not given proper training, your Odoo ERP implementation will lead to failure. Hence, training is a must for appropriate ERP implementation. Our highly experienced consultant offers both online and offline training with excellent methods. Training includes the proper implementation of Odoo functional tools and customization of Odoo ERP. We always record the training session so that you can hear it again to clear the doubts. Our trainers also specialize in accounting and finance, which ultimately benefits your company. 

Moreover, we add extra hours based on your project's size, customization, integration, and licensed users. Our main goal is to provide your shareholders with advanced training for proper Odoo implementation.


Odoo Functional Training

End-users often get confused when implementing  Odoo ERP  software because it has an extensive system. However, Odoo offers tons of benefits for small and large business. The correct implementation  Odoo ERP  bring in remarkable advantages like streamlined business operations, enhanced productivity, and steady growth of your organization. However, this may not work as per your expectation if the employees are not taught how to implement various  Odoo  modules. The proper use of  Odoo ERP  can do the magic for your company. If not used in the appropriate manner, your investment in time and money will go in vain. 

In order to run all business processes with perfection, you should not ignore the importance of  Odoo ERP   training. Every employee of your company should be given in-depth training on operating various  Odoo  applications. In short, the training is required to understand the  Odoo  framework and its modules. Besides, the online training of  Odoo ERP  can eliminate the costs and save both your precious time and efforts. 

Our  Odoo  training program is aimed at providing your employees as well as administrators with detailed knowledge about the  Odoo  implementation and making them able to use Odoo functions without taking IT professional’s help. The key purpose behind initiating the functional training is to educate the end-users, consultants, and business analyst because the lack of training cause implementation failure. 

Konsultoo  Odoo  training focuses on the key Odoo modules like sales, purchase, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), POS (Point of Sale), eCommerce, accounting, inventory, and manufacturing. 

Our Odoo Functional Training Includes:

  • Odoo basics

  • Odoo CRM

  • Odoo Sales

  • Odoo Invoicing

  • Odoo Inventory

  • Purchase

  • Odoo Accounting

  • Odoo MRP & E-commerce

  • Odoo Studio

  • POS

                    Primary Achievements Through Odoo ERP Functional Training

Flawless Implementation

Successful implementation depends on your understanding of Odoo modules before their implementation. You need to put more effort into exploring and learning Odoo functionalities. Proper ERP training prevents implementation failure and maximizes the workflow. You can also learn about how Odoo ERP reacts in crunch situations and how to deal with it. Additional knowledge about the features and functionality of Odoo helps simplify the business processes. 


Increase Productivity

After learning the full features of  Odoo modules, you can do your daily business tasks more effectively than earlier. The proper utilization of resources, time, and money is possible with full-fledged  Odoo training.  The training reduces your dependency on the third party when it comes to performing crucial tasks. 


Eliminate Potential Risks

Odoo ERP  training helps minimize risks. Well-organized training reduces the uncertainties when performing various business operations. There are often issues found someone does improper data entry resulting in low quality and sluggish work processes. However, the Proper  Odoo training allows you to use and access the same data eliminating the chances of human errors when acting upon crucial business tasks.


Konsultoo provides you with superior functional training that emphasizes on doing the mapping in order to prevent malfunctioning. Therefore, don’t miss an opportunity to get comprehensive training of  Odoo   modules from our fully-trained team.