Odoo Software : A Complete Guide

In this post, we have tried to provide all the details about Odoo ERP software you are aspiring to know. From pricing to features, we have covered everything.

What Is ERP Software?

ERP is referred to as Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP software is a suite of integrated applications used by various industries to handle their regular business tasks easily. Users can download and use some free applications using the open-source model as its source code is publicly available online. The open-source ERP platform is best known as the Community version. Users are allowed to modify source code to satisfy their business requirements. The users can do customization and development at their own risk. If not done in a proper way, it will lead to heavy losses.

What Is Odoo ERP Software?

Odoo is enterprise resource planning software used to automate multiple business operations and enhance accuracy. Formerly, it was famously known as Open ERP. A vast collection of well-programmed apps and modules like CRM, sales, manufacturing, purchase, inventory, and human resource management make Odoo one of the most demanding ERP software across the world.

Is Odoo Really Free?

Odoo provides the users with two versions Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise. Enterprise got 30 applications that are supported by the editor, and 3000 apps are allocated for the Community edition. The Community edition requires no money for using its apps, whereas Enterprise requires a license to access the modules.

Konsultoo is an Odoo Ready partner that can cover all your company needs by providing various Odoo services like customization, development, implementation, integration, and functional training of Odoo modules.

Types of Odoo VersionsUntil Now

Odoo introduced some unique versions in the past, such as versions 5, 5.1, 6, 10, 11, 12, 13, and many more. Odoo 14 is the latest edition booming in the market, which offers updated modules to meet your business out of box requirements. Odoo 15 may be released next year, and we are damn sure that it will be beyond the user’s expectations.

What Is Odoo Used for?

Odoo has become the talk of the town. Businesses of all sizes choose Odoo over other ERP software available in the market. Odoo has outperformed other software in the race of providing small to medium-sized companies with excellent apps and modules, which proved effective at managing a range of business tasks with ease and efficiency. With Odoo, the handling of multiple tasks like warehouse management, sales, accounting, and manufacturing gets easier.

Features of Odoo are as follows:

  • Open-source software
  • Less expensive as compared to other ERP software.

  • Easy to use modules and customize them based on your business needs

  • A flexible concept, allowing the users for easy customization.

  • Promote automation within the company

  • Smooth management of complicated business processes.

  • Reduce human errors while increasing productivity.

  • Easy Integration with third-party services.

  • It is supported by a muscular open-source community.

  • The remarkable contribution of Odoo partners in developing new modules.

How Expensive Odoo Is?

We have found many users discussing the cost of Odoo integration. Let’s end this discussion. As compared to other ERP software, Odoo is a hundred times cost-effective when it comes to integration. Odoo pricing is defined based on the number of users and usage of specific modules. It is up to the users what kind of requirements they need for their project management.

One has to pay $35 per month for 1 user yearly and $28 per month prior to apps implementation based on the Saas pricing for Odoo software. Additionally, the new customers get discounts on subscriptions. Cost can double with the inclusion of functional business applications. Odoo offers a free version which is known as the Odoo Community. It is an open-source platform available on Odoo download or Odoo GitHub. You can further add new modules and customize them when your business starts growing.

Who Can Help You Implement Odoo Software?

Implementation of Odoo with your ongoing system is not child’s play. It requires assistance from Odoo SA and Odoo partners for error-free implementation. Generally, Odoo partners are expert in both functional and technical aspects of Odoo, making the implementation process much easier.

What Kind of Odoo Services Provided by Konsultoo?

  • Odoo Development

  • Odoo Modules Implementation

  • Odoo Customization

  • Odoo Migration

  • AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) & Support Services

  • Third-Party Integration

  • Functional Training

  • Consultancy

If you need any help regarding Odoo implementation, contact Konsultoo Software Consulting, we are available twenty-four hours to solve your concerns.