Odoo Services : A Closer Look

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A company needs a robust, integrated, cost-effective, and resourceful business management software that can streamline all business operations and help sustain its growth. Odoo ERP is the only software, which barely needs an introduction. It possesses all updated features to fulfil your business desires. It involves functional business modules such as CRM (customer relationship management), e-commerce, accounting, billing, manufacturing, warehouse management, product management, and inventory that reduce human interference during the process and function automatically. Odoo is the right pick for replacing an outdated management system with automated features to enhance the workflow process in the company.

Konsultoo is a leading Odoo service provider in USA. Being an official Odoo partner, we have hired a team that is well-versed in Odoo development. Our team of Odoo developers is fully committed to delivering the desired result to the clients. After a head-on meeting with you, we plan different strategies that help quicken the expansion of your business. We integrate them with your current system to effectively run the process.

Here are the Key Odoo services provided by Konsultoo that will explain to you why Odoo has overtaken other ERP software existing today.

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Odoo Implementation

We aim at providing our clients with error-free Odoo implementation services. Take glimpse of our services.

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Odoo Development

We offer Odoo web development services based on your needs, which undoubtedly draw user’s attention.

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Odoo Integration

We at, Konsultoo provides key integration services that have no match. Take a look at the services.

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Odoo Migration

Our primary purpose is to ensure a hassle-free migration of our client's data from third-party systems successfully.

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Odoo Hosting

We are well-versed in hosting the Odoo ERP system. An in-depth intelligence in each Odoo hosting type is what makes us stand out.

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Odoo Training

We are offering an unmatched Odoo training that helps you run an ERP system correctly.

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Odoo Consultancy

Our consultants are highly skilled in Odoo who assist you in developing and integrating Odoo into your company and offer advanced training to the employees to operate Odoo functional features.

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