What's Exciting in Odoo 15

New Opportunities with New Features
October 1, 2021 by
What's Exciting in Odoo 15
Konsultoo Software Consulting PVT. LTD, Nitesh Macwan

Odoo always sticks to its promise to launch a new version every year. The announcement of the Odoo 15 launch triggered a lot of speculation and excitement about its features among every Odoo user.

The users are highly elated as the days of its launch are coming nearer. The excitement level of eagerly awaiting users has skyrocketed. 

It's finally happening. The wait is over now.

Odoo 15 version is all set to roar with loads of exciting features. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most awaited versions to date. One thing is sure, Odoo15 would fill the gap between users and technical knowledge that give a helping hand to small and mid-sized businesses across the globe.

Users will say goodbye to Odoo 14 version in the near days. And now, they are waiting eagerly for the next one, which is to release in the month of October. Undoubtedly, Odoo 15 is the most anticipated version to date. The reason behind this eagerness is the colossal success of Odoo version 14. The way it lent its support to multiple industries to manage their business operations smoothly with its bizarre features is indeed remarkable. 

The Most Likely Features of Odoo 15 Version

The Odoo 15 version has not been released yet. However, the news of its launching is doing the rounds that has created a lot of curiosity and buzz among Odoo users. Odoo comes with an updated version every year, which has always something extraordinary to offer the permanent Odoo users and developers.

Odoo 15 is prepped to dominate the ERP market with never seen before features. A lot of changes can be seen in the upcoming version. Odoo 15 is likely to introduce some advanced features that will ensure a complete make-over of your business. Now let's have a discussion on possible features.

As per our reliable sources

New Import Screen

We have come to know from our reliable sources, which have claimed that the Odoo 15 version has added a new import screen view with several changes and users might be introduced with a new menu in the accounting to manage cash rounding.

The users will get a new feature for the invoices part in the accounting, configuration, and management, allowing you to choose the rounding methods on customer invoices, which you designed previously. 

Pivot And Graph Views

Another feature is added in the version through which users can easily make changes in pivot and graph views based on their requirements with the help of Odoo studio. The editing of graph and pivot views is going to be easy with this feature.

New HTML Editor

A new HTML editor is a potential feature in the upcoming  Odoo 15 version. It is a text editor used to develop website pages with the help of HTML codes. The latest HTML editor will surely reduce the burden on developers, thus resulting in better productivity. We are damn sure that the developing community is thrilled to hear about this new editor.

Coupons And Promotions

You will find the new feature for coupons and promotions within the pricing section of settings. Both play a significant role in raising sales. With this feature, it is getting to be trouble-free to enable coupons and promotions for the point of sale and create promotions and coupons based on your convenience. It is expected to be available in the Odoo 15. It is going to be easy to apply saved coupons at the PoS, which will reflect in the product invoice.

Cover Image for Task Identification

Task recognition is somewhat difficult. The Odoo 15 will introduce new features to users that help set a cover image accordingly in the Kanban view. It will get easier for the end-users to identify the tasks they have created.


Odoo 15 version will come with an HTML editor view for the notes where users can easily manage font size, colors, bullets, and many more as per their requirements.

Updated E-commerce Product Platform

Our sources also heard about a new feature in E-commerce that may allow  users to share details on the platform for the finalization of the product. There is an option available through which you can use a gift card as a payment method. The eCommerce page comes with new options such as easy add-to-cart options and multiple payment modules.

Burndown Chart

Another feature in a queue is the burndown chart, which is added in the project section of the project. With the help of this burn chart, you can view the actual chart, making it very easy for you to identify the delayed and finished projects.

New Spreadsheets

This updated spreadsheet consists of an Edit bar, finds, replaces, and many more. The features in the spreadsheet provide support to real-time collaboration.

Another confirmed news is that Odoo 15 is going to provide users with an additional option that helps fetch images automatically from Google depending upon the barcode you set.

New Inventory Adjustment View

With the new inventory adjustment view, you can go through inventory details without any inconvenience. It is featuring new options like history and difference.

With the history option, you can view the detailed overview of various products like their exact figures of sales and purchases. You can also know the time of product manufacturing. 

The differences option, on the other hand, helps collect information about the remaining stock in the inventory and also hands over a sales report that reveals the profit and loss of particular product sales.

Excel Sheet Integration

With Microsoft Excel integration, it becomes much easier for several businesses to create and enter data. Besides, making accurate calculations is no longer a tough task with Excel integration. Additionally, there is no need to import or export CVS files or think more about duplicate data.

New Command & Command Editor

Odoo 15 introduces to users with new command and command editor, making the process of handling invoices in accounting configuration easy.


Every year, Odoo surprises its users with the launch of a new version along with the inclusion of updated features in the existing modules. We hope Odoo 15 version will come with features that not only ease business operations but also increase productivity by removing remaining bugs.

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What's Exciting in Odoo 15
Konsultoo Software Consulting PVT. LTD, Nitesh Macwan October 1, 2021
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