What Differs Odoo 15 From Odoo 14?

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What Differs Odoo 15 From Odoo 14?
Konsultoo Software Consulting PVT. LTD, Nitesh Macwan

Odoo 15 has already been released and users are praising the latest version for its easy-to-use features designed for each module. Being a global ERP, Odoo never disappoints its users. It provides its users with advanced features that can easily manage various business needs.

In this blog, we will discuss the difference between Odoo 15 and Odoo 14.

There is no doubt that both versions are fully advanced but differ slightly in features and functionalities. Many users admitted that the Odoo 15 is superior compared to Odoo 14 edition. Let's take key modules to examine the feature changes.

Odoo 15 Versus Odoo 14

Odoo 14 CRM

In Odoo 14, the CRM module had a tab for lead generation that assists users in generating leads quickly. Moreover, its advanced features enable users to add customers' email addresses and phone numbers.

Odoo 15 CRM

In Odoo 15, the CRM module has become super rich in terms of its upgraded features, which help you carry out the lead generation tasks more efficiently and effectively. The new feature assigns the leads to specific teams with the help of the domain system. This will help accelerate the operations related to sales and enhance the involvement of the team members in generating more leads.

Odoo 14 (PoS) Point of Sale

The Odoo 14 PoS module provided its users with two user interfaces that simplify the process for the user to do customization of the new product as well as its parent category.

Pricing lists and consumer loyalty programs are the two features designed for the product category. With Odoo 14 PoS module, it gets easier to integrate more payment methods. It provides you with real-time information allowing you to update the inventory in the PoS quickly.

Odoo 15 (PoS)

The coupon program and promotion programs are two new features introduced in the Odoo 15 PoS module as shown in the screenshot given below.

With the coupon program feature, you can create and save coupon data that can be used later. Further, it is very easy to choose and apply the saved coupons on the point of sale. You can find it on the product's invoice. Even customers can view it. For PoS products, you can apply coupons and marketing programs here.

Go to the settings where you can add new Ship Later features, which end up selling things in real-time in PoS and delivering them later using Ship Later. During rechecking, you can decide whether there is a requirement for the ship later facility to complete the order. There is one more feature called "Cash-in and Cash-out added to the Odoo 15 PoS module.

Odoo 14 Inventory Management

It was Odoo 14 version that developed a well-regulated inventory overview system including tabs to collect documents for internal transfer and package products.

The replenishment feature of the Inventory Management module helps you make an accurate prediction on trending items. Besides, it also assists you in creating recording rules that give the replenishing process an advanced push.

Odoo 15 Inventory Management

In the Odoo 15 Inventory Management module, you can sell a website card on an eCommerce site. While purchasing gift cards, it automatically generates codes that are later delivered to customer's via email. If the customer purchases gift cards in great quantity, Odoo generates multiple codes for each gift card.


Both Odoo 14 and Odoo 15 are advanced and adaptable to all kinds of business operations. After Odoo 15, you will get a new version next year and you have to change your strategies again. What excites us is that Odoo never fails to please its users with upgraded features. Odoo 15 has given an amazing experience to users and other employees through its features.

What Differs Odoo 15 From Odoo 14?
Konsultoo Software Consulting PVT. LTD, Nitesh Macwan April 7, 2022
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