How To Run Campaigns in Odoo 15 Email Marketing Module?

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How To Run Campaigns in Odoo 15 Email Marketing Module?
Konsultoo Software Consulting PVT. LTD, Nitesh Macwan

Effective marketing campaign management is requisite to increase the workflow of your business. Normally, this task is time-consuming as it requires accuracy. There are chances of campaign failure. Hence, one has to be very careful while handling marketing campaigns.

Odoo is the perfect choice for effective campaign management. Odoo possesses various kinds of advanced business-related modules helping you to manage business campaigns effectively.

In this blog, we are going to talk about the Email Marketing module, which is equipped with a Campaign Management feature. This feature is widely used by several businesses to handle business campaigns effectively. It is also helpful for improving the efficiency of your campaign management. 

You need to go to the Email Marketing module to activate the Campaign Management feature. To activate the feature, go to the configuration settings as shown below.

Click on the Mailing Campaign option to activate the feature. After clicking on it, the feature will automatically be activated. Besides, Odoo will allow you to create a Dedicated Server. For the Dedicated server creation, you need to activate the feature and configure the Email server option as indicated in the image given below.

Odoo will take you to the configuration page to configure the new Dedicated email server as shown below.

You can find the Create button in the above screenshot. Click on the Create button that will lead you to the final configuration page to configure the dedicated mail server as found below.

Once you complete the configuration and enter the proper details, click on the Save button.

You will find the Campaign tab on your Email Marketing dashboard after completing all of the configurations. 

It is quite easy for you to create, manage, and view Campaigns after clicking on it. The configuration section will be activated to configure the new Campaign as highlighted below.

After configuring the new campaign, enter the name of the campaign along with verified details. Another benefit is that you can enter the name of the person and give him or her the responsibility to manage the campaign by simply clicking on the Responsible tab. You can pick any person from the drop-down option whom you consider the right candidate for the campaign. Only executives are qualified to use this feature. Other employees are restricted from using this feature. Then add the tags and press the Add button to design the new campaign. A box will appear in the section after saving the campaign.

Crucial data regarding the campaigns will be displayed on the Campaign page will allow quick access to the Posts, Mailings, SMS, and Notification. With the help of this, you can create the campaign as you desire without facing any trouble.

You can gather all the campaign details from here. The details like the sent mails and mails receivers. Editing can be done easily by simply clicking on the Edit button. The editing includes the name of the campaign and the person who is leading the campaign at the front.

Moreover, Odoo serves you with four channels for sending emails to customers. These channels involve Send New Mailing, Send SMS, Send Social Post, and push notification as shown below. It is helpful for enhancing the connection with the customers and your regular clients.

You can click on any of the channels to send the emails. For configuring and sending emails, just click on the Send New Mailing to get the email configuration tab as displayed below.

With the advanced mail building system of this module, you can easily create your mail and use various templates to give your mail a professional touch. Enter the name of the subject and create recipients under the mailing and pick the recipients you are willing to send the email to. You can go to the settings tab, change the address of the sender, and assign the mailing task to other persons of your company.

You can view the screenshot given below to learn how to send the campaign through SMS. All you have to do is click on Send SMS button to send the campaign via SMS.

It is quite easy for you to configure the campaign through SMS with the help of this channel. You can check the Configuration page as shown below.

There are other channels such as the Send social post and Push notification options you can use for sending the campaign details. After the configuration, click on the save button to save the created mail and will be saved automatically during the entire process of editing as shown below.

You can easily keep an eye on the entire process from here. As soon as you click on the Save button, the dashboard will display Sending and Sent options.

You can find this feature in other market related modules of Odoo. You can easily configure and use this feature. Whenever you plan to create a new campaign and do its marketing, this feature helps you to give updates to the customers about your latest campaign and can invite them to be the part of your campaign launch. Odoo features help you to send the campaign through social media posts, emails, and SMS. You can select the channel based on your business style.

Odoo has unique features to publish your social media posts and generate more viewers in short period of time. It has good features for SMS and emails as well.

These channels are very effective in reaching customers by providing various platforms for communication. You can directly engage with your loyal consumers. On top of that, you can easily understand their buying patterns and create the campaign accordingly. Campaigns play a huge role in maintaining a good business relationship with customers. 

How To Run Campaigns in Odoo 15 Email Marketing Module?
Konsultoo Software Consulting PVT. LTD, Nitesh Macwan February 9, 2022
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