An Overview of The Web Push Notification

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An Overview of The Web Push Notification
Konsultoo Software Consulting PVT. LTD, Nitesh Macwan

The Web Push notification option is effective in marketing message delivery. This feature is used to send notifications to the devices of the customers.  

With this feature, you can keep your customers informed about the updates on the new programs, Product releases, News, Articles, Updates, product information, and many more. To do this, you require the consent of the users to ensure the safety of their data. Go to the Website configuration settings and enable this feature. Scroll down to get the Web push notification section as indicated below.  

You can activate the Push notification from here. Enter the title, body, and the Delay time. Then pick the icon and click on the Upload your File Button to upload it smoothly.   

Once the configuration is done with the Web push notification, you are allowed to access the rest features in the Social Marketing module.   

You have two options to select visitors. One is individually and the second is as a group. You can send the Push-up notifications individually or as a group. Click on the Visitors tab to see the online visitors. The green dot is shown for the online visitors and the red dot for offline visitors. Remember that you can only send notifications to the visitors who are online.  

Choose the person from the given list to whom you want to notify with the Push notifications. The page with the visitor’s data will open as shown below.  

Here you can view the push-up notifications. Click on it to enable it. Additionally, you can also create a group or send it to various parties. To do this, you need to click on the Create button as shown below. 

You will find a configuration tab to configure and create a new social post as shown below.

In the above given screenshot, you can see the push-up notification options from where you can configure the entire notification. One thing to note here is that you are allowed to use either the current method or the method, which was used earlier to configure the push notification. Moreover, you can make rules on notification to send the notification to customers who come under the rules you have set up.  

In order to create and manage your campaign effectively, you need to click on the Campaign tab as shown below.

A configuration page will open quickly to configure the campaign as mentioned below. 

To configure the campaign, you need to enter the details and appoint a responsible person to manage the campaign. Once configured the campaign, click on the Add button to save your campaign. Now, you can view the campaign you have created in the Campaign section as indicated below.   

This module has provided multiple options to give constant updates to customers on your new campaign. You can let them inform through social media posts, SMS, or push notifications.   

An Overview of The Web Push Notification
Konsultoo Software Consulting PVT. LTD, Nitesh Macwan February 22, 2022
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