Bank Reconciliation And Reconciliation Models in Odoo 15
18 February, 2022 by
Bank Reconciliation And Reconciliation Models in Odoo 15
Konsultoo, Nitesh Macwan

It is always a tough task to match your bank records with account statements and it can cause several errors if analyzed manually. In addition, it is difficult to compare and contrast the bank data and business data due to a large amount of data. This is indeed a long process.   

In this blog, you will learn the ways of setting up the Bank Reconciliation Model and its uses.   

A Look at the Configuration and Usage

The accounting module in Odoo 15 has made the Reconciliation process much easier to perform. The module is offering two options to perform the reconciliation procedure. Either you can directly define the payment on the invoice or reconcile open invoices with bank statements.   

As mentioned in the below screenshot that you can click on the New Invoice button and directly create an invoice in the Accounting module using the dashboard.   

A page is given below that helps create a new invoice.   

Below is a page to generate a new invoice