A Quick Look At New Features in Setting Module
12 October, 2021 by
A Quick Look At New Features in Setting Module
Konsultoo, Nitesh Macwan

Odoo 15 has just been released on 7th October with distinct types of new features designed for the various existing modules finally ended the speculation. However, the discussion of the Odoo 15 version and its features will make the headlines for a couple of months. 

In this post, we want to highlight changes made in the Odoo 15 for the Setting module.

Document Layout 

With this newly developed feature of Odoo 15, you can effortlessly change the layout of reportsTo make easy access to this feature, follow the path mentioned below and check out the images as well.  

Settings => General Settings => Companies => Document Layout 


Four Components of this feature are as follow 

  • Layout 

  • Configure Document Layout 

  • Edit Layout 

  • Preview Document 


It has various 197 default layouts to choose from. It allows users to select any one of the layouts


Edit Layout 

After Selecting one of the layouts, given as an option this button will apply those changes.


Preview Document 

It allows the users to view changes of the document made by the selected Layout option.

  • Configure Document Layout 

  • This option allows users to customize major parts of Reports’ Layout through pop – up wizard 

     Such as: 

  • Structure Layout (Light, Boxed, Bold, Striped) 

  • Fonts (Defaults are - Lato, Roboto, Open Sans, Montserrat, Oswald, Raleway ) 

  • Company Logo  

  • Colour (RGB customized color selection) 

  • Layout Background (Blank, Geometric, Custom [ Provides Feature to set own Image as Background] 

  • Company Tagline 

  • Company Details 

  • Footer 

  • Paper Format (A4, US Letter, US Batch Deposit) 

  • Visual Preview of Customization at Right Side 

  • Download PDF Preview (Button to Download Preview)