A Complete Overview of Odoo 15 CRM Features

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A Complete Overview of Odoo 15 CRM Features
Konsultoo Software Consulting PVT. LTD, Nitesh Macwan

Along with the release of the Odoo 15 version, some of its key modules also got new features that are capable of giving a spark to your fragile business. CRM module is reckoned amongst the excellent in Odoo, which plays a very crucial role in narrowing the gap between customers and companies and enhancing the relationship by setting up various communication platforms.   

In this blog, we are going to discuss the Odoo 15 CRM features, which help you understand and implement.   

Features of Odoo 15 CRM  

Sophisticated User Interface 

The newly developed user interface is more advanced than the previous one. It can manage all crucial operations on the CRM platform and that too with sheer accuracy. It owns an advanced home-screen dashboard, which displays the actions of the sales pipeline. Each operation goes hand in hand with the help of dashboard window provision.   

Activity Scheduling 

In Odoo 15 CRM, you can easily schedule and configure different activities for the leads you generated. This way, you convert those leads into permanent customers. The scheduling of various activities is very easy on this platform such as calls, emails, meetings, To Do, Remember, Follow-up Quote, and many others. The Odoo platform provides you with customization options to customize activities depending upon your needs.  on top of that, there is an advanced Calendar through which you can plan and schedule your activities quickly.  

Up to Date Filtering Options  

Odoo CRM has several windows that are packed with advanced filtering options. Through the filtering option, you can achieve the particular data you desperately look for. Apart from that, it is easy to sort them out by applying default and customizable filtering and grouping options.   

Easy Set-up of Activities based on Priorities  

Setting priorities based on your various activities has become much easier in the Odoo platform. This feature is very effective in giving space to significant contacts and leads. To perform this task, Odoo uses a starring system. Each star is symbolized with a Medium, High, and Very High tag, making it very easy for every concerned person to understand the priority and can use best practices to convert the leads into potential customers. You can reach your target successfully without facing any complexities.   

Smooth Customization of Various Stages 

There are various types of stages in the Odoo CRM pipeline, which can be customized. You can add, eliminate, or edit the existing features to customize the stages based upon your business requirements.  

Lots of Viewing Parameters  

The CRM module serves its users with visual effects so that they can view the documents in various formats. Besides, it provides different formats to view the data such as Kanban view, List view, Calendar view, Pivot view, Graph view, Cohort view, Dashboard view, a Map View, and Activity view.  

Customization of Alerts  

This is an important aspect of the Odoo platform. It allows you to set a custom alert for its different types of operations. With this option, you can perform any task in an effective manner.   

Advanced Pipeline  

The Odoo CRM has a well-organized pipeline, which manages every single piece of information on the contacts or leads in a more precise way. You can easily arrange the new leads, qualified ones, and opportunities in various stages depending upon their growth. The drag and drop feature in the Odoo CRM help manage any crucial task smoothly and quickly. Besides, you are allowed to create sub-stages based upon your operational needs. It is easy to drag and drop the record from one stage to another in case of an opportunity win.    

Strong Connection with Customers 

Odoo CRM platform provides you with so many options to stay connected with customers. Remaining in constant touch with customers makes them feel oneness with your organization and their interest in your brand remains unaffected. The Odoo CRM is offering different kinds of communication mediums like calls, meetings, and social media to get in touch with them.    

Configuration of Email Templates  

There are various email templates in the Odoo CRM platform that you can configure to easily communicate with customers. This way, you can save a lot of time and work more efficiently on other tasks.   

Automatic Leads Generation 

Odoo CRM is equipped with automated features, which allow you to automatically generate leads from calls, emails, social media, and websites.   

Quick Quotations Sending  

Odoo CRM module has rich features that help you create attractive and professional quotations and enable you to quickly send them to the clients with no errors.   

Lead Management  

Leads can’t be ignored as they will become your customers sooner or later. Hence, proper management of leads is imperative. Odoo CRM module provides the features that help manage leads in an efficient way and generate more leads as well.   

Lead Enrichment Feature  

There is a new feature in the Odoo 15 CRM called the lead enrichment feature. With this feature, you can gather and organize additional data related to the lead. Moreover, you can collect the contact information on the lead with the help of an Email ID. The lead enrichment feature keeps your leads updated with new data.   

Lead Scoring  

The lead scoring feature in the Odoo 15 CRM allows you to give scoring to available leads based on the particular standard such as viewed pages, spent time, and localization. This will help you identify the important leads and put more focus on those leads. Furthermore, the allocation of the relevant leads to various salespersons is done in order to make the pipeline full of high-quality leads. This feature allows you to determine the score required to convert leads into opportunities.   

Lead Import  

With the Odoo CRM module, you can effortlessly import your leads to an XLSX file.   

Examine the Lost Reasons  

The Odoo CRM platform allows you to supervise the lost reasons, which will give you a crystal-clear view of your company’s strengths and weaknesses helping you make the right decision accordingly.   


This feature works automatically and allows you to recognize information like countries, states, the city leads with the help of your IP address.   

Create and Manage Customers  

It is quite easy for you to create and manage customers in the Odoo CRM module. You can find all the customers' details secure and well managed. Your sales team can make better use of this data. In addition, it gets easier to manage multiple address contacts for the same organization. On top of that, it allows you to define customers' preferences like languages, delivery techniques, and financial details.   

Report Management  
Odoo CRM has a reporting feature, which gives reports of various operations performed on the platform. Moreover, you can generate reports in different ways. The different types of viewing parameters allow you to view the reports precisely.   

Odoo 15 CRM is far better than the Odoo 14 version in terms of features. It is easy as well as effective in managing various operations. The bonding with customers will get stronger with the use of Odoo 15 CRM.  

A Complete Overview of Odoo 15 CRM Features
Konsultoo Software Consulting PVT. LTD, Nitesh Macwan March 8, 2022
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