Maintain Your Employee Health with Odoo Lunch Module
3 June, 2022 by
Maintain Your Employee Health with Odoo Lunch Module
Konsultoo, Nitesh Macwan

Employees are the biggest asset for any company. Hence, they should be given proper treatment to run the growth engine of your company. The break is necessary for employees to release stress from their hectic schedules, but that doesn't mean they should waste time on food. A well-planned lunch program is the only solution to enjoy their lunch break with relaxation.  


Taking lunch on time helps employees work on the given tasks with great energy. Furthermore, it also reflects on their performance and bonding with their colleagues. Many large companies spend a lot of money on making the team. Instead, they should also start an initiative of serving the employees with healthy food. This is the simplest way to make a strong connection with the company. Creating a lunch culture is a wise step toward boosting the company's relationship with the employees.   


Organizations should convert lunch break into a learning session and try to make it more productive and exciting as well. However, many companies have adopted a lunch culture and also working on a healthier meal plan for the employees. It is obvious that you can not impose your rules upon them what they should eat or not. They have the right to whatever they want to eat. However, this is maybe the best way to convince them to adopt such nutritious food in their daily lives.   


If your employees stay fit and healthy, your company will also remain stronger. Thus, employees' fitness should be taken care of. So let's discuss the benefits of providing a nutritious meal to workers at the workplace.  


Reduce Stress  


If your diet is not good, that will have adverse effects on your body and mind as well. Consuming unhygienic food and Irregular eating habits can cause a lot of stress that will down your performance. A healthy diet is beneficial to reduce stress and improve your performance.   


Keep You Energetic  


Healthy food plays an important role in making you fully energetic the whole day. Without energy, you can not concentrate on work properly, which will result in decreased performance. If you dig in high-protein food, you can perform full of energy.   


Friendly behavior with Colleagues   


Speaking from our experience that many employees behave with other officemates rudely. The reason is the improper diet that can lead to stress. If not taken care of, you can develop a short-tempered nature. Providing the right food to employees helps them behave friendly with others people in the office.   


Enhance Productivity  


Irregular eating habit comes with many disadvantages. Continuous negligence towards food can affect your productivity. Healthy food is the only way to increase productivity.   


Hence, providing nutritious lunch at the workplace is the best idea to maintain employees' enthusiasm for their work.   


A Glance at Odoo Lunch Module  


Odoo lunch module is one of the most innovative modules used to manage employees' lunchtime by taking food orders. After installation of the Lunch module, you can also configure vendors, locations, products, alerts, and other categories.   


Helps Add Vendors  


With the Odoo Lunch module, you can add multiple vendors for delivering various lunch items for your organization. Some companies sign a long-term contract with vendors or restaurants for food delivery. You can manage the deliveries by creating the vendor's details like contact number, delivery options, locations, and the process of delivery.   


Create Product Categories  


There is an option given where you can add the different sorts of product categories. The product categories can be based on the various dishes or diet meals. You can create the product categories such as vegan, vegetarian, and many more. Furthermore, it is also possible to configure additional product categories and save them.   


It is very easy to create various types of lunch items. The items available on the lunch menu can be added to the products. You can also configure the vendors for particular lunch items on the menu. Besides, you can set up the image for the item. If your product is available in various vendors and from different categories, you have to name them separate products.   


Lunch Locations  


Location configuration helps tackle the orders you make. Adding the delivery location is beneficial to improving the procedure of food delivery. Additionally, you can also give a name to the location, provide the location’s address, and add the company. After configuring all the details, you can check how orders are placed.   


Place An Order  


Open the lunch dashboard. There is a list of various lunch items to place an order. You can choose the items and add the necessary instructions. After selection, just add the product to the cart. The features allow you to select the delivery location and check the order details. After clicking on order now, you are able to place the order. You can also set the threshold amount for employees.  


There is a limit for threshold, and you can not go beyond that limit. You will receive a warning on your dashboard if your order is beyond the threshold. If you have a diet category or vendor preference, you create the product category and filter the menu item. You can see the filtered items, and you are allowed to create your own order. You can oversee the order history, including the account history of your lunch account.   


Lunch Alerts   


During configuration, you can create lunch alerts which you can find on the dashboard. Alerts are set up to make changes in the restaurants. Creating an alert deadline can display your message in chat or in-app. You can view the alert in your order window till the last time.   


You can create healthy and creative meal plans for all your employees that create a healthy work environment in the office. The lunch culture encourages the employees to work with honesty.  

Maintain Your Employee Health with Odoo Lunch Module
Konsultoo, Nitesh Macwan 3 June, 2022
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