Event Management with Odoo Event Module

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Event Management with Odoo Event Module
Konsultoo Software Consulting PVT. LTD, Nitesh Macwan

There are types of events like corporate events, sports events, public events, charity events, and many more. Each one has its importance. Events are not planned for only fun. It is a platform to convey your company's message and introduce a future roadmap to take your business agenda among the people successfully.

In this blog, we are going to talk about an unusual module Odoo has, which is called Odoo Event. From organizing the event, selling tickets, and getting sponsors to its advertisement, the Odoo event module handles it effortlessly. It has the capacity to manage all kinds of events, be it small or large.

Let's see how the Odoo Event module helps plan any event in an organized manner.

Create Events Easily

As we know, event management requires collective efforts to make it successful. It is not an easy job to do. The creation of any event will face no complexity using this event application. This module provides you with an automated platform to create new events. Without having a grip on technical knowledge, one can easily create events and divide them into different categories for different purposes. Moreover, you can also maintain the data of events on the event module dashboard, which you have created.

Better Planning of Events

Proper planning is required for successful events. The Odoo event module has various stages that help categorize the events into different categories based on the changes made for each event. The creation of new event stages gets easier with the use of the configuration option given in the menu. On top of that, Odoo event provides filter and group-by options to help you organize any events based on your requirements without any limitations. Furthermore, you can easily spot the exact location of your target event created in the module using the default and custom options.

Minimize Manual Efforts

One has to put a lot of effort to make the events grand and adorable. Successful events can be organized only through proper execution. Moreover, there is a need for better coordination between the departments involved in the event preparation. The event module in Odoo minimizes human engagement and gives a great sense of relief to the management team by automating vital event procedures. 

Easy Booking Functionality 

With the Odoo Event module, one can easily book an event. It makes the booking process more manageable. You can see all the events on the Odoo website, which are created in the event module. You can get an insight into various kinds of events as they can be comfortably viewed on the website. This enables you to choose the event based on your interest and ensures trouble-free booking for your favorite event. You are free to book your seats as per your comfort. The published events have descriptions that provide details such as the date of the events, locations, available seats, and other information.

Easy to Sell Tickets Online and Automate Registration

One of the most vital tasks in event management is to sell tickets online, which needs to be executed under the watch of a highly intelligent team. With the Odoo event module, it is easy to organize various kinds of events and set different ticket rates based on the types of events. What's more, this module also enables you to set a limit on how many seats will be available at the event.

Publishing free events without charging a single penny on registration is possible with this module. Besides, you can apply special conditions to all tickets using options available in the module. The conditions on the tickets help out people to make early ticket registration and reservation of VIP seats as well.

This module eases the process of selling tickets online through its automated features. The full data of the attendees who use the Odoo website portal for ticket registration is automatically merged with the Odoo Event module. There are different payment methods given in registration you can choose as per your convenience.

Seamless Integration with Other Modules

Integration of the Event module with other applications simplifies the functioning of events. The Odoo allows you to publish your event on the Odoo website, which helps you to target more audiences. Odoo Event module includes the lead generation option, which can be easily integrated with modules like CRM and Email Marketing. This will boost the relationship with customers.

Konsultoo is superior in Odoo integration, implementation, customization, migration, and many more. Contact us, if you want to improve your current business operating system. Our services are outstandingly reliable.

Event Management with Odoo Event Module
Konsultoo Software Consulting PVT. LTD, Nitesh Macwan May 18, 2022
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