Automate Key Business Processes with Odoo Marketing Automation

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Automate Key Business Processes with Odoo Marketing Automation
Konsultoo Software Consulting PVT. LTD, Nitesh Macwan

Most business owners have already shifted their focus to the new updated technology to automate their business operations and lower human interference in project monitoring. Still, they can't get enough of it. They are trying very hard to promote automation in every department of the company.

Odoo is an open-source ERP software consisting of so many modules that have been designed to keep your business growing by providing automation. There are many tasks that require timely human analysis. It is time-consuming and quite expensive as well. So, to get over it, automation is the only way. Odoo marketing automation software facilitates you with Odoo SMS marketing, Odoo email marketing, and Odoo social media marketing, making your business promotion effective.

We all are familiar that the market goes up and down all along. Only time and efficiency can help you overcome the market crisis. Through marketing automation, you can achieve both and improve your relationship with customers. The features of Odoo give new wings to your marketing automation.

How Does Odoo Marketing Automation Benefit Your Business?

Below are the advantages of Odoo marketing automation that you need to know before it is implemented into your company.

Save Time

Time is precious so don't waste it on unnecessary things. The marketing automation module in Odoo saves you a lot of time you usually spend after setting up an attractive campaign for your business. With Odoo marketing automation coming into the picture, the marketing of your business will become much easier. 

One of the greatest advantages of having Odoo marketing automation is that it automates the marketing process and saves you a lot of time, which you can spend after other resources to benefit the business. With Odoo MA, the task of scheduling your marketing campaigns on social media platforms has become easy. You can schedule your advertisement with attractive images on alternate days. Besides, it automatically responds to the customer's messages or queries.

Odoo modules such as SMS marketing, email marketing, and social media marketing help automate tasks like sending brief messages, emails and running social media marketing.

Help Generate Leads

As the competition is increasing with each passing day, you need to think about the resource that will earn you more leads. The best way to generate maximum leads is to effectively run a social media campaign, which is trending now among small and mid-sized enterprises. With the Odoo marketing automation module, you can analyze the customer's changing behavior regarding the product's quality, which helps you set up a campaign based on customer taste. With this tool, you can get more potential customers in a short time.

Maintain Relationships with Customers

We all are aware that without customer support, no business can survive even a week. Hence, having a solid customer base is necessary to enhance the life span of your organization. On top of that, maintaining a relationship with customers is indeed a challenging task, especially when the competitions are high. The features of Odoo marketing automation help you keep connecting with consumers by doing a few activities like emailing, calling, and sending SMS. Through these marketing steps, you can strengthen your communication with customers resulting in a permanent relationship. 

Effective Campaign Management

The Odoo Marketing Automation module provides you with a single platform manage all your campaign actions easily. You can view the current status of the campaign and other useful campaign-related information including the campaign name, finished campaigns, and the participants with the help of the dashboard of the module.

Effectual Handling of Triggers and Expiry Date

Odoo Marketing Automation module helps marketing people to manage triggers and Expiry duration. With the support of the Expiry duration, you can hassle-free set the validity of the campaign. This feature enables you to stop the messages after the Expiry date of the campaign.

Odoo is the ultimate solution for your marketing automation. It is very much needed to keep up with current marketing trends. If you are looking for the best marketing automation service for your business, don't go anywhere, Konsultoo is a US-based company providing exceptional Odoo services that will fulfill your automation requirements.

Automate Key Business Processes with Odoo Marketing Automation
Konsultoo Software Consulting PVT. LTD, Nitesh Macwan December 8, 2021
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