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Being a committed  Odoo  partner, Konsultoo provides top-notch Odoo technical & functional support and maintenance service to its clients. Our functional and technical consultants lend 24/7 support to get over various kinds of technical issues your business is going through. Besides, we provide constant support to your current apps to give them a boost. Our Odoo support services are much better than the most of our opponents.


Why Need Odoo ERP Support?

We all know that ERP system is a call of the time as it plays a huge role in the advancement of your company. It is pretty challenging to choose the best one because there  are  many ERP software available. From the last couple of years, only one ERP that drew user's attention is Odoo. It is an open-source ERP software consisting of various business management modules, which are used to automate your day-to-day business operations. Most importantly, Odoo apps can be customized as per the client's demands. 

However, Odoo ERP system requires the continuous support of expert Odoo partner or service provider. You must ask for rightful assistance from your provider if you want error-free Odoo implementation. A deep understanding of modules functionalities is inevitable to ensure successful implementation. Even if there are errors, you are not able to identify them due to insufficient resources. This is where you need an Odoo expert's suggestions to get your errors corrected. Konsultoo is providing the Odoo ERP support package based on your specific business demands.

Our Odoo Support Packages

Our services involve data migration, training, support, and integration. You can take leverages of our support package, which is cost-effective and includes lucrative offers. What makes Konsultoo a reliable Odoo partner is the transparency in the pricing. We are very co-operative when it comes to discussing the various costs on different services we generally charge. We charge lower than our competitors. You can test us by visiting our pricing page and choose the best package that is best suitable for your business needs.

Odoo Support: Why Konsultoo?

As such many Odoo partners across the globe provide the Odoo ERP support services, but Konsultoo, a dedicated Odoo partner has its own rules when it comes to delivering superior Odoo support services to its loyal customers. We stand out because we have introduced a variety of Odoo support packages depending upon the client's requirements. In addition, we constantly remain in touch with our clients through different communication platforms such as SMS, Emails, live chat, etc. We also provide services for removing unwanted bug as per our Odoo support package.      


  • Possess a group of certified developers and consultants   

  • A Ready partner of Odoo     

  • Profound experience in the Odoo ERP implementation   

  • Performed successful implementation in the past   

  • Expert in both Enterprise and Community versions   

  • Provide 24/7 functional support   

  • Provide AMC support services to the organizations   

  • Huge contribution in the industry add-ons   

  • Expertise in bug fixing  

We are confident that our Odoo support services could take your organization miles. This is because our support team spends 24 hours even after fixing the problems.      

Peek into Our AMC ( Annual Contract Services )

You need an Odoo service provider or Odoo partner to draw your attention to the errors you are unable to rectify. He can help you out in crunch circumstances. AMC is best known as the "Annual Maintenance Contract". This service agreement is signed by the Odoo partners and the clients. We charge a reasonable amount for equipment maintenance as compared to our competitors. Our Odoo support and maintenance services help your company gain pace.    

Konsultoo is a ready partner of Odoo providing outstanding Odoo ERP support services across the world. We provide Odoo AMC support based on the client's requirements and support them by allocating a supportive team to look after their maintenance tasks. The clients are always ready to extend the maintenance contracts after the agreement expires. We timely give notification to our customers  about the expiry date of the contract.


Handle Your Maintenance Tasks with Odoo Maintenance

Various types of equipment play a huge role in accelerating crucial business operations. Businesses of all sizes essentially use equipment and instruments. Unfortunately, It is an arduous task to manage these instruments. On the other hand, those who have an Odoo ERP system face no complexity when managing maintenance operations.   


Odoo ERP has various modules that have been designed to support multiple business processes. Odoo maintenance module, which is used to manage all maintenance operations in a proper manner, thereby reducing instrument damage and the wastage of working hours.    

Benefits of Odoo Maintenance At A Glance

Let’s discuss.   

Preventive Maintenance

This kind of maintenance is referred to as routine maintenance. With this module, you can easily schedule your maintenance works much earlier, which will prevent equipment damage. The completion of maintenance operations on time lessens the possibilities of dysfunction of the instruments. When your tools and equipment are in good condition, you are supposed to carry out preventive maintenance.    


Corrective Maintenance    


The corrective maintenance is carried out only when an emergency circumstance arises, such as your instruments suddenly stop functioning or go dysfunctional. Corrective maintenance helps identify the real flaws in the machine and practice corrective steps to make an instrument function again correctly.    


Handle Maintenance Requests    


With the Odoo maintenance module, employees can create a maintenance request. The request that the employees create can be tracked easily. Every department can access the request. This brings more transparency in communication about the maintenance. If your laptop or desktop does not work due to technical issues, you can escalate your issue by raising a maintenance request.    


In addition, you can also glimpse at your request progress from the request platform. This Odoo ERP system is also useful in creating a maintenance request for heavy equipment too. Most importantly, you can also mention the details of the particular machine, the maintenance team, and the date of the request. You are allowed to create corrective maintenance requests and avoid maintenance requests.   


Manage Maintenance Calendar     


There is a calendar app used to manage all maintenance activities systematically. With the calendar, you can schedule preventive in advance. This will help view maintenance tasks that have been scheduled for a certain period. The proper allocation of time can help you manage all maintenance requests effectively. You can also tackle the maintenance team and, if need be, can utilize the team members to manage each request efficiently.    


Track the Repair Work    


With the Odoo request feature, tracking the progress of the repair work gets easier. As soon as you create a request, you can look into the status of the work if the repairing of your tool is done or if it is in progress.    


Work Center Management    


With the help of the Odoo maintenance module, you can efficiently manage multiple operations at the work center. You are also allowed to manage or make changes in maintenance movements at the work center. Moreover, your maintenance team can also set up an alternative work center that can be used if your key work center may be under repairing process or goes dysfunctional. This may help save time and raise profit.    


Generate A Report    

With the support of the Odoo maintenance module, you can easily generate reports that help examine multiple maintenance requests and repair status. 

Support and maintenance are vital for any company to govern its businesses continuously. Your website is a mirror of your business objectives. Hence, maintaining your website at a regular interval is a must to engage more visitors. Our Odoo support and maintenance service caters to your website requirements and helps you keep it in good form. We will buzz you off when there is a need to make immediate changes to the website or add newly introduced features.     

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