Odoo Apps

                                                          Everything You Need to Know

The craze for integrating Odoo ERP has increased among businesses of all sizes. It is a much loved ERP software in the current time and has received an overwhelming response from the users in the last couple of years. This software has become a necessity for almost every business because it automates regular tasks and can quickly adapt to your existing system. There are key Odoo modules, handling a host of operations such as Manufacturing, Accounting, E-Commerce, Inventory, HR, Purchase, and Sales. With the integration of Odoo ERP into your current system, You can speed up the growth of your company. Furthermore, you can make a reduction in the cost by choosing the modules that are required for your business.     


If you do not adopt current business technology, your organization won’t compete with new business challenges. No wonder if it may collapse. Hence, you should embrace the latest trend of doing business, so what if you have to change the existing system of your company. Odoo ERP software is the ultimate solution to upgrade your business.    


Odoo is an open-source business management software, including effective apps used to manage your business processes. Odoo studio has two types of Odoo apps. One is free in-built apps, and the rest are designed and published by the Odoo Gold partners.    


The Odoo studio possesses roughly 1000 apps that have been crafted, keeping customer’s requirements in mind. But the thing is that you need to choose the apps that suit your business needs then go ahead with the implementation plan.    


Below are the Odoo applications. Take a look    

  • Odoo CRM    

  • Odoo Sales    

  • Odoo POS    

  • Odoo Subscription    

  • Odoo Rental    

  • Odoo Accounting    

  • Odoo Invoicing    

  • Odoo Manufacturing    

  • Odoo MRP    

  • Odoo PLM    

  • Odoo Quality Management    

  • Odoo MRP Maintenance    

  • Odoo Inventory    

  • Odoo Project Management    

  • Odoo Timesheets    

  • Odoo Documents    

  • Odoo Field Service    

  • Odoo Human Resource    

  • Odoo Employees    

  • Odoo Marketing    

  • Odoo Email Marketing    

  • Odoo Marketing Automation    

  • Odoo SMS    

  • Odoo Social    

  • Odoo Communication    

  • Odoo Survey    

  • Odoo eCommerce    


The most significant advantage of Odoo apps is that they can be customized as per your project requirements. Odoo apps help manage every process from sales to purchase. First of all, understand your needs and choose the apps that can fulfil your business objectives. As compared to other ERP software, Odoo can easily integrate with mainstream platforms such as Walmart, Shopify, Amazon, and many more.       


Please find the apps which are best suitable for your business then implement them. They can function well in your current system and enable you to do any tasks more effectively. For example, with Odoo apps, you can track every manufacturing activity from anywhere with a few clicks.     


In this blog, we are going to discuss key Odoo apps and their functionality. The detailed information about modules will help select the right apps and streamline your business processes. If, in case, you won’t find any appropriate apps, Odoo partners develop additional apps and customize them based on your requirements.    


Odoo apps in detail:     


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  


Customer relationship management or CRM is an important Odoo module you must go through before proceeding with the implementation. With this module, You can keep the essential data safe, like client’s contacts, contract details, and purchase & sales details. When required, you can share with other departments to make the process streamlined. The CRM module helps you maintain a good relationship with the customers, thereby increasing sales.   



Odoo Sales     

One of the most efficient apps Odoo has is Odoo sales management. Odoo sales management module provides detailed information about the sales management section and allows you to conduct a complete analysis of sales activities.     


Odoo Accounting and Finance  


Accounting and finance are the crucial modules in Odoo, which manage the flow of money. It is used to check all kinds of transactions, such as tax, bank transactions, ledgers, and balance sheets. Moreover, it also generates financial reports, which present a clear picture of your company’s economic condition. With a couple of clicks, you can access the account and finance    


Supply Chain Management (SCM)  


If you want to  analyze  the process from manufacturing to delivering to the last customers, you should embrace  the supply chain management module of Odoo ,  which makes the entire manufacturing process  transparent  


Human Resource Management  


For any company across the world, the HR department plays a key role in managing internal tasks. However,  there is still required proper handling  due to the increase in employees and projects.  With the Odoo HR modules  embrace a convenient way to maintain employee ’s data, payment and salary reports.  Moreover , it also helps  accelerate the hiring process  and recruit qualified employees for the specific position.   


Odoo Purchase  


With this module, you can easily track every record of the purchase. The purchase module maintains the data that includes the vendor’s bills, purchasing orders, supplier’s invoices, and customer’s details. You can also update stocks and reports. Integration with the inventory module can quickly update all the details.   



Odoo Invoicing    


With the use of Odoo ERP, you can simplify invoicing processes. With the Odoo invoicing app, the automation of invoices gets easier. It is straightforward to generate invoices from sales orders and delivery orders as well. Noticeably, it can be customized as per your business needs.    



Odoo Subscription    


This is one of the finest apps of Odoo ERP software used to manage recurring sales and subscriptions. It hands over you error-free invoices, pay full attention to the taxes and take care of other payments as well.    


Odoo Manufacturing    


Odoo manufacturing is one of the most exemplary modules Odoo owns. Odoo manufacturing tracks each movement of the manufacturing process. It helps manage every aspect of the manufacturing business, including the supply chain cycle.     


Odoo Point of Sale(POS)   


It is another efficient app of Odoo, which has a responsive and user-friendly interface. It is the perfect fit for restaurants as it offers hassle-free installation and customization to match your requirements.    



Odoo Sign    


Odoo sign is also referred to as Odoo signature module. Odoo sign offers a quick and convenient way to send, sign and approve documents online. It also helps you go paperless by offering features allowing you  to sign digitally. In addition, there is a wide variety of signature styles available  you can choose from based on your  choices.   



Odoo Project Management   


If you want to handle multiple tasks ,including people, crucial projects,  due dates, daily timesheets , the Odoo project management module can meet all these requirements. Moreover, as Odoo provides you with graphical charts and Gantt charts, you can easily track  the updates on particular tasks and projects.     


Every Odoo ERP module has updated features that improve your business system from scratch and enhance productivity. In addition, each app gets updated periodically, which will end up upgrading your business model.