A Look At The Odoo 15 Ecommerce

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A Look At The Odoo 15 Ecommerce
Konsultoo Software Consulting PVT. LTD, Nitesh Macwan

Ecommerce is a highly acceptable module in Odoo ERP software that stands out. Crafting your own eCommerce website gets easier with this module. The features and tools in this application help create new opportunities for the users to increase their product sales effortlessly.

This blog will give you an insight into the eCommerce module of Odoo 15.

Below, you can view the Odoo 15 eCommerce dashboard. 

Ecommerce module dashboard provides crucial and real-time data graphically. In addition, you can visualize the data using multiple measuring options given in the dashboard. The measures are helpful for managing your business effectively. You can view the measures in the screenshot given below.

You can view the different types of graphical views by selecting the measures given in the dashboard. You have three ways available to view the graphs. There are three graphical illustrations such as Bar, Line, and Pie as shown below.

You are provided with so many grouping options to group the data.

Moreover, it is quite easy for you to view the data in pivot view from the dashboard as highlighted in the image given below.

Using the measures options, you can view your business data in Pivot view.

You can filter the entire graphical data with the help of filtering options as shown in the image given below.

Choose the filter options to filter and view your data as per your requirements. There is a Compare tab given to compare with the last data or years.

Website Design and Configuration

The Ecommerce module in Odoo 15 helps give a delightful shopping experience to your customers. Odoo 15 eCommerce module has extraordinary features for building an attractive eCommerce website. On top of that, you don't require coding to design your own website.

You have all the features  available in the module that make configuration and editing very easy. Besides, it is easy to customize options available for website build-up. An Edit line option in Odoo helps configure and edit your own website.

You need to go to the Ecommerce dashboard and click on the website button to configure and set up your website. The procedure is shown in the screenshot given below.

For hassle-free configuration, Odoo will lead you to the configuration page to configure your website as highlighted below.

After clicking on the Edit button, you are taken to the configuration page to configure your website  as indicated in the image given below.

With the latest features in the eCommerce module, you can easily create your own eCommerce website. There are various blocks given to create the page based on your website requirements. Some integrated tools are very effective in raising sales. With the help of Cross-selling and Selling features, you can find the products, which are in great demand amongst the customers, thereby increasing the revenues of your company. You can also attract customers with coupon codes.

Odoo ensures a delightful shopping experience for customers. Odoo creates the best shopping environment for the customers and allow them to use every single feature of the Odoo platform resulting in boosting revenues.

With easy search option, you can find your favorite products quickly and easily. The integration of live chat features allows your customers to collect the real-time data of products that ensures a quick increase in sales. Odoo allows the customers to go through every instruction by turns and configure them for trouble free shopping environment. The features in the module save the customer's precious time.

Both registered and guest customers can use the website comfortably. The registered users have a few benefits like they can easily retrieve their contact information. The customer portal options allow the customers to get updates on the ordered products.

The customers are allowed to include the products in the wish list and compare them with other products. As a result, your customers will be able to pick the right product.

Multiple Payment Options

Odoo has so many advanced features for payment options. The payment options are integrated  with the eCommerce module, which are widely used by customers. The eCommerce module provides the users with payment options like PayPal, Adyen, Ogone, Authorize.net, and Buckaroo. The customers are allowed to make payments through the banks or checks.

Additionally, you are allowed to form shipping rules and set the price depending upon the weight of goods and other measures, which can benefit your company. In addition, Odoo offers multiple shipping methods to deliver the products to your customer's door quickly.

Easy Integration with Other Modules

The eCommerce module can be easily integrated with key modules of Odoo ERP such as Accounting, Inventory, Odoo CRM, and many more. The integrated modules have advanced tools and features to power you with enhanced efficiency. With a couple of clicks and configuration, you can craft your own website easily despite a little knowledge about coding. Using advanced themes, you can develop a professional website that can compete with the website, which are normally designed by different coding languages. You can catch customer's eyeballs by using various themes on the website.


Remarkable features and tools have been added in the eCommerce module of Odoo 15, which can tackle your business effectively and increase your online sales.


A Look At The Odoo 15 Ecommerce
Konsultoo Software Consulting PVT. LTD, Nitesh Macwan February 4, 2022
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