An Insight into The Stax Payment Acquirer
8 June, 2022 by
An Insight into The Stax Payment Acquirer
Konsultoo, Nitesh Macwan

We are naming a few payment gateways like PayPal, Amazon, which brought about the revolutionary changes in the conventional payment method and encouraged the people to switch to the cashless payment system.  

We are introducing to you the Stax Payment Acquirer that will allow you to make online payment secularly. It is the platform where you can deal with multiple vendors simultaneously. With Stax Payment Acquirer, You can easily make payment by simply entering the card details.  

This blog will provide a direct insight into the Stax Payment Acquirer. Let's discuss how Stax Payment Acquirer works?

First of all, go to the Apps and search the Stax module in the Search box. As soon as you type its name, you will get the Stax module as shown below. Click on it to install it.   


Once the installation is done, search the payment acquirers and click on it as showcased in the screenshot given below.   


Once you get the Stax payment acquirers, open it to explore its functionality as shown below.