Odoo 15 Email Marketing: An Overview
24 février, 2022 par
Odoo 15 Email Marketing: An Overview
Konsultoo, Nitesh Macwan

Odoo 15 version comes with a lot of new updated features for each module of the Odoo. Just like other Odoo apps, Email Marketing got new features will be discussed in this blog.

Email Marketing is one of the few most advanced applications of Odoo, which is generally used to raise sales by connecting with more customers. It also helps plan new business strategies as per the current business scenario, which will result in increased leads and customers fulfillment as well. The leads can be turned into customers with the assistance of Email Marketing. 

Easy Configuration And Sending Mails

Email marketing is necessary to reach out to maximum customers. The new features in Email Marketing have opened the door to meet new business opportunities. You can view the Email module given below. 

The Email Marketing module allows you to send emails regarding the product updates to your customers that help keep the customers in constant touch with your company because they get regular updates about their favorite products. In addition, you can make your communication system more effective using this feature. On top of that, you can even track their buying nature.  

Email Marketing app has a top-notch user interface allowing you to create emails and send them to your customers without any hassle.  

Just click on the Create button given in the Dashboard to create and configure mails for sending your customers as indicated below.  

The configuration page permits you to create emails and send them to your regular consumers. Additionally, the advanced features in the configuration page are remarkably effective in making attractive or professional emails for your customers. Such emails will definitely get favorable responses from the customers. Hence, emails are a significant factor in remaining in touch with them. 

How Will You Do This? 

First of all, write details about a particular subject for your mail and then choose Recipients options from the drop-down menu as highlighted below.

Click on the Select mailing lists in order to add mailing lists as shown in the image given below.