A Sneak Peek into Our Odoo Development Solutions

We provide our clients with rich Odoo development services that include Odoo apps, modules, theme, website and store development. Grab this chance to make your Website stand out. 

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We help develop a full-fledged Odoo ERP system to cater to your business requirements 

As we all know, Odoo is an ERP software, which is formerly known as Open ERP. It is mainly coded with Python language and developed to manage all the business operations. Our fully trained developers always favour the use of unique functionalities of Odoo to develop the customized websites, which undoubtedly draw user’s attention. We offer Odoo web development services based on your needs. 

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Odoo Website Development

Creating a website has become a compulsion for all businesses irrespective of their sizes. A well-designed website can enhance the visibility of your business while paving ways for a lot of sales opportunities. Besides, Odoo provides website apps that accompany the rapid development of your website. Our developers at Konsultoo provide you with the advanced and rich features that make your website look totally different. 

Odoo Module Development

Our Odoo developers are dominating when it comes to Odoo development solutions. You can leverage our web designer's expertise to develop Odoo modules and power your website. They analyze your website's current status and eliminate unwanted elements from it, which result in increased traffic on the website. Our skilled developers design flexible and powerful Odoo modules that enhance the efficiency of your existing apps.

Odoo Theme Development

As a reliable Odoo partner, we have prepared an adept team specialising in making custom-based themes. They effortlessly create Odoo themes for front-end and back-end as per your website specifications. The themes make your website look professional.

Key Benefits of Getting Odoo Development Service for An E-commerce Business

The advent of new technology has simplified the process of business management. With ERP software, every business operation can be tackled effectively. However, the ERP software has limited functional tools, but the integration of Odoo ERP software with your system enhances the efficiency of your existing apps. It plays a crucial role in bringing all the departments like human resources, accounting, data, warehouse, sales, and purchase together on one table. Let's know the advantages of the Odoo development service.

  • Open Source Software: Odoo is an open-source software that provides a developer with free features making the development process easy. Unlike other ERP software, Odoo ERP is capable of managing multiple tasks at the same time automatically. As there is no licence charge on Odoo purchase, it is very easy for developers to download and install. The Odoo has become the first choice of a number of developers due to its advanced features which helps them design new efficient applications. The Odoo can fit into all kinds of business, be it small or large.

  • Customization: When it comes to customizing third-party apps, no other ERP software can compete with Odoo or come closer to it. Moreover, Odoo allows developers to customize its own features based on their requirements. If you feel the particular module is not required at the moment, you can remove it from the list. In the same way, you can activate that module again if needed. Odoo also supports your old features, eliminates bugs and enhances their functionality. 

  • User-Friendly: Its user-friendly concept gives the users a pleasant experience when implementing. Complete integration, quality user interface, flexibility and quick navigation makes Odoo ERP user-friendly software. Its enhanced features help a company to meet any complex needs. The biggest quality in Odoo is its flexibility which lures most organizations to use for streamlining their business tasks. Moreover, it provides users with free code allowing them to customize as per their business needs. 

  • Abundant Modules: Odoo includes plenty of efficient modules that deal with streamlining the different processes in the company. It is said that the Odoo provides approximately 5000 modules that assist you in handling all the departments within the company perfectly. Its main aim is to simplify the process and release the work pressure from the employees. You can add modules based on your needs, but one thing to keep in mind is the control over these modules. You have to be very careful during the session handlings in the server to manage the load. In short, the availability of various modules is the key benefit of getting Odoo development service. 

  • Advanced Technology: Odoo has one quality that is not found in other ERP software. It often gets updated with the changing demand of the users. It covers the needs of all kinds of business, whether it is an e-commerce or IT field. Odoo developers usually tend to use the latest trends to increase contacts with the audience. 

  • Cost-effective: If you want a perfect ERP solution despite a low budget, then you should go with Odoo ERP the fastest growing ERP software nowadays, which is budget-friendly. Its license-free version allows you to invest money in customizing your features, which results in streamlined business processes.   

In short, Odoo is a flexible ERP software that can easily get mixed with your ERP system and improve the functionality of your existing modules. It is beneficial for large enterprises to manage their big tasks smoothly. Before deciding to implement an ERP system, either consult your Odoo partner or identify your requirements for a suitable ERP solution.