Exploring Various Odoo ERP Modules

The craze for integrating Odoo ERP has increased among businesses of all sizes. It is a much loved ERP software in the current time. It has received a humongous response from the users. This software has become a necessity for almost every business because it streamlines regular tasks and can easily adapt to your existing system.

There are key Odoo modules, managing a host of operations such as Manufacturing, Accounting, E-Commerce, Inventory, HR, Purchase, and Sales. With the integration of Odoo ERP into your current system, You can speed up the growth of your company. Furthermore, you can make a reduction in the cost by choosing the modules that are required for your business. 

Since it is an open-source ERP, any member of your staff can have equal access to the source codes from anywhere. But what excited the users is its customizable nature. It allows the users to customize or add new apps as per their project needs. Another advantage of Odoo implementation is that it maximizes ROI and Minimizes operating costs. 

Let’s Explore Odoo ERP Modules

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer relationship management or CRM is an important Odoo module you must go through before proceeding with the implementation. With this module, You can keep the essential data safe, like client’s contacts, contract details, and purchase & sales details. When required, you can share with other departments to make the process streamlined. The CRM module helps you maintain a good relationship with the customers, thereby increasing sales. 

Accounting and Finance

Accounting and finance are the crucial modules in Odoo, which manage the flow of money. It is used to check all kinds of transactions, such as tax, bank transactions, ledgers, and balance sheets. Moreover, it also generates financial reports, which present a clear picture of your company’s economic condition. With a couple of clicks, you can access the account and finance data that enables you to make necessary changes as per your requirements. 


With this module, you can easily track every record of the purchase. The purchase module maintains the data that includes the vendor’s bills, purchasing orders, supplier’s invoices, and customer’s details. You can also update stocks and reports. Integration with the inventory module can quickly update all the details. 

Human Resource Management (HRM)

The duty of an HR manager is very difficult because keeping the data of all employees well-maintained is not an easy task. It requires special attention. This module sets up an effective HRM procedure that helps maintain employee’s data, such as leaves and total attendance. It also facilitates you with an efficient payroll system allowing you to maintain 

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

The supply chain management module has been designed to track the entire manufacturing process that includes making products and delivering them to the last customers. With SCM, you can easily trace the sales activities along with shipping.

Sales Management

This module gives you total control over the sales department. You are allowed to customize it according to your business needs. With sales management, you can easily solve sales queries, create invoices, get orders, and also trace the pending orders.

Every Odoo ERP module has updated features that improve your business system from scratch and enhance productivity. Each module gets updated periodically which will end up upgrading your business model. 


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